Thursday, 23 February 2017

7th Heaven - Dead Sea Sheet Mask

Hi guys,

I've been searching a lot and found some different kind of facial masks, which I'll review here on my blog in the next months - as they are pretty much!:) Today I'd like to show you the "Dead Sea Sheet Mask" from the brand called 7th Heaven:

This mask should be used once a week to keep up your facial skin smooth and rehydrated. While the dead sea salt  is rich in minerals, the algaes are high in nutrients and have a super detox power, which improves the health of your heart too! (but of course for heart benefits, you should add spirulina or other algae extract capsules to your healthy diet!).

Step by Step - how to use this sheet mask:

1. Cleanse your skin with lukewarm water (if you've worn makeup - use makeup remover before turning to step 1!)
2. Apply - gently open the mask and apply it on your face, that's the ONLY disadvantage I've to mention: the size of the mask! - it's simply too big, I guess it has been used a smaller version for the cover itself - as the mask doesn't fit well.
3. Instant boost - I just can agree, your facial skin feels refreshed after few seconds already and you can feel a comfortable cooling on your skin.
4. Peel it off after 5-10min. (I've peeled it off after 8 min.)
5. Rinse with water and dry your facial skin
6. Feel fresh - for more hydration you can use a facial serum or gel

Ok I've not the biggest face BUT I'm not one of the person with pea sized face - so I guess, it has been made for giants:)

What's your opinion?! Did you have ever tried out one of 7th Heaven masks - especially the sheet masks? Please let me know, what's your experience:)

(this post hasn't been sponsored by anyone - I've bought the mentioned product by myself!)

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