Sunday, 19 February 2017

3 PAULY - Red Lentil Fusilli with Rucola & Cheese*

Hi everyone,

I've been trying out the last few days some of the gluten-/lactose free pasta range from 3 Pauly.

This time, I'd like to review the Red Lentil Fusilli pasta* - which are 100% made from red lentils, yep - no flour or other ingredients just red lentils:

3 Pauly Red Lentil Fusilli*- 3.49€ (250g)

The bright red-orange colour makes any kind of pasta dish really special and fun to serve, especially if you've kids or for us who eat almost twice a week pasta and would like to have a slightly different type of pasta dish the next time. This one will make your pasta pot even more delicious, due to the nice taste and shade:

Boil the pasta between 8-10 minutes with fav' vegetables and your fav' spices.

I've served my ready to eat pasta with some dry thyme and fresh Traungold cheese (also similar Tilsiter cheese).


I really like the quick boiling time (8-10min) and that you can't really taste the difference between a pasta made of wheat and this one made of red lentils. Although it has a slightly aftertaste it's now one of my fav' from the whole 3 Pauly pasta range - and healthier in compare to traditional pasta!:)

Did you've ever tried one of 3 Pauly's glutenfree and lactose free pasta? - If not, you should give it a try - it's the perfect way to enjoy fresh homemade pasta dishes if you've really gluten-/lactose intolerance or if you just prefer sometimes (like me:)) a healthier dish.


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