Saturday, 7 January 2017

TRAVEL - KUKS (Czech Republic)

Hi everyone,

a new year is finally here, 2017 will be my year - I can totally feel it:) Basically I've been busy over the christmas days and New Year, began an internship in one of the main radio stations in Linz/AUS and didn't got time until finally the 1st weekend after New Year to write about my trip to Kuks. We (my brother and his friends including me of course:)) went to Kuks, which is a small village and also the castle/hospital itself is called Kuks, approx. 1 and half hour from Prague.
The market place of Dvůr Králové nad Labem
It was a pretty sunny and clear day, but the 29th of December was f.... cold, I was really glad, that I took my gloves and have worn a sweater under my coat, which I got last year from Zara.

Basically we went on a 12km trip through the wood and area around Kuks hospital/castle and also walked around the main attraction - the well known sculptures by Matthias Braun.
 Sculptures by Matthias Braun

It wasn't just the perfect blue sky and sun, it was quite nice to hang out with your nearest and to enjoy a walk through a new location, where you've never been before.


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