Friday, 23 June 2017


Hi guys,

I've been recently quite often in our swim hall (well not exactly our own but our local, you know?!:)) and I've switched between my ton one piece swimsuits (well I've a lot bikinis as well as one pieces, you can't get enoug!) and found this one piece swimsuit*, a real gem, which I've not worn quite a lot and received a couple weeks, well years back from Diva by Rachel Pappo Swimwear, which are high-end, durable and just feel unique on your body (like you feel quite better with them, but pssssst don't say it any other person:)).

This one actually feels quite loose (even if it doesn't look on the picture:)) I guess I will wear it with shorts or during sun baths (and I don't mean actually traditional sun baths more the kind of hanging out in the garden etc. as I avoid staying to long in front of the sun:)).

I do like the shape of it as well as the high-end fabric, which Diva by Rachel Pappo Swimwear is actually using for their swimsuits. And isn't the Espadrilles pattern just cute?!



Hi guys,

I've been recently wearing a lot different pastel summer shades but as you may know I'm usually wearing red or glitter/metallic gold/rosegold nail polishes, therefore this Precious - Shine Like You've Never Shined Before "Gold Vermeil" kit* from Jessica Phenom totally hit my nerves!:)

Basically this kit* contains all 3 products, which you will need to create the glossy and shiny homemade professional manicure, which lasts approx. 10 days. Of course you could switch between 42 different Jessica Phenom shades, but this "Gold Vermeil" is totally my shade! I love it, it's not too much but still special, reminds me on good old Hippie Days in the 70s (were I wasn't even born, but I guess it must have been like this polish:)).

The packaging itself is very clean and the back reminds me on Swan Lake, which reminds me totally December - could be even a perfect gift during next festive days!

Jessica Phenom - Precious Shine Like You've Never Shined Before "Gold Vermeil" Kit* 29.90 € (here)

All in all this kit* has won my heart. I'm not sure, whether it's really THE Shine, which I've never had before (as there are some polishes in my collection, which shines as well quite damn well) but this is just great as a starter Jessica Phenom starter kit, as it contains basically all 3 products (which I've already mentioned or, whoops:)).

Did you've tried out this kit or even another Jessica Phenom nail polish yet?!


Thursday, 22 June 2017


Hi guys,

as you may know, I'm drinking most of the time tea. Beside regular black tea, I switch between spice, fruity or herbal blends - depends on the season, temperature as well as my own mood.

Clipper-Tee High Tea "Carefree" herbal tea* - 16.00€ / 110g

The Clippers Tea from the High Tea range called "Carefree"* is filled with a herbal blend of:

The loose "Carefree"* herbal tea blend is packed within a paper tin, which shows as well the instruction, how much you'll need to enjoy a nice cup of "Carefree"* tea with the right amount of teaspoons:

This herbal tea really calms down after a stressful day or even helps to fall asleep, while having still a heavy head. I also enjoy it cold with a slice of orange (basically like herbal iced tea) during hot days.

Clipper Tee high-end "Carefree" herbal tea* is a great healthy beverage, which tastes just delicious  like its golden shade.


Wednesday, 21 June 2017


Hi guys,

it's been quite a while ago since I've used tinted lip balms. Actually I've not worn any tinted lip balms over the last year except my apricot lip balm, which had a light orange shade.

Most of the time I'm using lipsticks, I've never been a fan of lip glosses, therefore you'll hardly find any in my makeup collection, I'm more a traditional lipbalm type of woman, who prefers translucent balms with a nice scent or flavour, depends how you'd describe it:) and actually I'm also really easy to win, if the packaging looks cute.

Weleda Lip Balms* - 6.95 € / each

After recently receiving the 3 new tinted lip balms from Weleda, I've knew these look really cute, they absolutely won my heart just with the packaging. But of course I had to try them out and see how they look like, before judging or even pre-judging a really nice packed product.

Beside the very cute packaging I was really into its texture, it's not too glossy (as mentioned I don't really like lip glosses, which are sticky, greasy and leave just an unpleasant smudge on your lips) and it doesn't stick even, it feels really more like a creamy and a bit more thick lip balm. I guess, therefore it's called lip balm as it's a balm not a gloss product.

The shape of the applicator is similar or even the same like other lip balm applicators in a tube but to be honest I'm not applying it directly on my lips, as it's much easier to use a small amount on your finger or lip brush and it also makes it last longer instead run faster out of date due to hygienic reasons.

Weleda Lip Balm "Rose":

Weleda Lip Balm "Nude":

Weleda Lip Balm "Berry Red":

Each of Weleda's tinted lip balms* are available in good stored drugstores and pharmacies or online (here). 

I'm really into the shade "Rose"*, as it's a pink/rose color, which isn't too pinkish and not too grandma rose - just gives you a nice shade to your own natural lip shade.

How about you?! Have you already tried one of Weleda's lip balms*?!


Monday, 19 June 2017


Hi guys,

this is a simple outfit, which I wear pretty often and recently tried out with one of my very old tees (I think I got this one from my mum when I was 13?!).

What am I wearing:

1 pair of real leather boots (vintage, T k maxx)
1 pair of denim Aphrodite shorts (old, bought in NYC)
1 "Prague" tee (old, Brand: Fruit Of The Loom)

I just really like this style, it's country, it's perfect for summer & it's me:)!


Hi guys,

I've been recently drinking a lot homemade smoothies, as they contain less sugar (or basically they are WITHOUT added sugar/sweetners) and they are super filling and a great snack between your main dishes. This one called "Good Morning Smoothie" is specially created for keeping you filled up until lunch and therefore a great and healthy breakfast idea.

For this "Good Morning Smoothie" you'll need:

1 ripe banana (without peel of course:))
1-2 fresh oranges  (depends how big your oranges are)
1 cup of mild sparkling water (I've used Vöslauer, which is an Austrian brand similar to Buxton water or Acqua Panna or you can use any other kind of water you prefer and which you can buy locally)
1 cup of fresh spinach leaves
1 blender of your choice (I've used my beloved Blend Active Personal Blender by Breville)

Usually I put the banana first, than I add the oranges and last I add the spinach and after I fill in my mild sparkling water. All you have to do is to blend this babe until it's smooth:)

After you simply enjoy this super green "Good Morning Smoothie"!:) You could use also 1 cup frozen mango instead the oranges to make it more thicker but for hot days I prefer a lighter version of this great breakfast drink.