Sunday, 24 December 2017

CHRISTMAS '17 Part 1

Hi guys,

it's the most wonderful time of the year... and some extra pounds on the rips, singing carols with some tips, baking yummy stuff all the time without forgetting on listening some delightful carols all the time.... Hahahahah yeah it's honestly my fav' time of the year and therefore I though to show you some of the first pic's I made this year during preparing and helping around the house:

Print Candy "Hipster Deer"* 10.50 € (21 x 30 cm)

Rosima creates 3 different flavored and colored whip cream

We always buy the Napoli bottles (the children ones as well as the alcoholic ones....but honestly my fav's are the pineapple ones:)) This season I made one morning as well some gingerbread waffles for the first time with some cinnamon whip cream and some red sprinkles - a great Christmas breakfast for everyone (who likes sweet breakfast). Print Candy's "Hipster Deer"* got a special place in my room, and looks just incredibly cool.

Since few weeks I'm learning to play piano, have already done some trainings but still....I've to train a LOT more to start playing proper music!

Print Candy - "Merry X-mas my deer"* 16.50 € (30 x 40 cm)

I truly am obsessed with my 2nd print from Print Candy called "Merry X-mas my deer"*, which I also personalized with "Dream" like by the "Hipster Deer"* - it gives my home the perfect comfy Christmas atmosphere!:)

I really think, that this kind of prints, which you can change while adding your personal words are an incredible gift and therefore I've been so delighted to get these prints from Print Candy to show you how gorgeous they are!:)

The "Merry X-mas my deer"* will stay in my flat for the whole year, as I'm totally obsessed with this deer:)



Hi guys,

today is the 24th of December, some of you may celebrate already today, some of you tomorrow, some already celebrated and some maybe won't celebrate at all (as we all are believing something else and have different traditions:)) but for me it's today Christmas, and therefore I though to show you one of my latest PJ* from Tchibo, which is sooo cute with its Polar Bear pattern and perfect for this season:

Tchibo - Polar Bear PJ* 19.99 €

This PJ-Set is sooooo cute, and with its cotton / viscose mix it has the right amount of elasticity as well as comfortable to wear! I really love the pants, which I will combine with my other white night tees as well as it could be worn as lounge pants during weekends:)

I wish you all festive days with a lot of comfort food, family time and unforgettable moments!


Saturday, 23 December 2017

Hölker Verlag "Let it snow - 24 cookies for you" - Lemon Curd Star-shaped Cookies*

Hi guys,

I've recently received a very cute baking (or better said cookie) book called "Let it snow - 24 cookies for you"*, which contains traditional European as well as unusual as well as healthy cookie-variations, which were baked over generations as well as some which were recently invented, like the star-shaped cookies with homemade lemon curd filling:

Hölker Verlag - "Let it snow - 24 cookies for you"* 12.95 €

I found it really interesting to use a DIY lemon curd (which turned out pretty damn good....without giving myself compliments:)) instead of a bought one. This recipe is really simple to re-bake, but definitely nothing for completely baking beginners - due to the lemon curd and funny texture of the it's a bit flaky while rolling out, but turns pretty well after baking!

What you'll need for this star-shaped lemon curd filled cookies:

for the dough:

120 g butter (use room temperature)
120 g cane sugar
3 egg yolks
1 tea spoon vanilla sugar
150 g flour + some for dusting
150 g blanched, grounded almonds
a dash of salt

for the homemade (very delicious) lemon curd filling:

the peel and juice of 1 organic lemon
90 g cane sugar
1 egg
60 g butter (in flakes/grated)
1/4 grounded curcuma (optional - gives it's deep rich yellow coloring and a bit spice)

For the lemon curd you've to put all ingredients for it in a small pot and whisk under small-medium heat up until you reach a thick creamy consistency (without burning the sugar on the bottom of the top!!!!). Once you've made your won lemon curd, you've to leave it to cool down and fill into an empty clean marmalade jar, with a good closing lid.

For the dough you simply start with the butter and sugar, than you add the egg yolks and vanilla sugar. After you've blended all these ingredients (with a dash of salt, I know they have mentioned to add it after to the flour but I prefer to put it already right from the beginning) you add the flour, grounded blanched almonds. Whisk and go through the dough with your bare clean hands to create a smooth and perfect dough consistency and leave the homemade cookie dough (covered in a plastic wrap) for about 1 hour in your fridge.

Pre-heat the oven on 175 celsius degrees and cut your cookies out of the dough (while using a star shaped cookie cutter, like this recipe is made for or you could also use a Linzer Cookie dough or an other cute shaped one:)). Put the star-shaped unbaked cookies into your oven, until they reach a slight golden color and take them out. 

After the cookies are chilled and ready to be filled with the already cold lemon cured, you simply start filling them up.

Don't forget to use a slight dust of powder sugar on your star-shaped lemon curd filled cookies, to make them look gorgeous and they even taste better, with the sugar on top and the juicy bit sour lemon taste inside.

They are a great alternative to traditional Christmas cookies, which you're eating each year.

For more such recipes you've to browse through Hölker Verlag's "Let it snow - 24 cookies for you"* baking book, which includes other yummy cookie recipes like: Matcha Coconut Christmastrees, Peanut-Oat-Squares or Orange-Almond-cookies.


Monday, 18 December 2017


Hi guys,

the last Thursday and Friday I've not been quite productive online, which means I've not posted a lot on Instagram, haven't tweeted (which I just recognized, that I've not done for a while now) and haven't posted any blogpost during these days. Especially during that week, the time was just flying and I was productive those 2 days more than ever!

I've went for a walk in the snowy landscape, have made a tiny sweet snowball challenge with my work colleagues and have enjoyed a festive Christmas dinner, which I finished of while dancing on the dance floor at our work Christmas party, where most of my colleagues haven't danced so much like I did for more than 5 hours! Believe me, if you know me very well, you know I hate sport and fitness of any kind and dancing is fun - but for a non-sporty person like me it's getting quite Taff after 1-2 hours break less dancing....

But I though to share with you some of the pictures I've made there while going outside, as the holiday village Kirchleitn has it's own magic with its over 100 year old cottages re-made into 4 apartments - each like a small flat (with a small hall, kitchen area, living/dining room, balcony, bathroom, toilet, double bed room and a child bedroom) I have quite enjoyed our 1-night stay there even if the Wi-Fi hasn't been the best, which is quite normal while staying in a village or cottage somewhere in nowhere:)

it has been these small details, which made the apartment soooo cozy, like the wooden towel hanger

our view from the balcony has been like from a fairytale

Living room area with its cozy sofa, cow carpet and a simple wooden couch table

Kirchleitn holiday village located in Carinthia is great for families, couples as well as for companies to celebrate a Christmas party like we did in our work! It's a place to renew your inner balance, relief your stress level before Christmas really starts and just for spending some unforgettable moments there!


CAJOY - (feeling' like an 80s) Star rose gold earrings*

Hi guys,

lately I got these incredible and with incredible I mean increadible!!!! rose gold Star earrings* from CAJOY, which are rose gold gilded and so sparkly. They are just the perfect jewelry piece for a night out or an 80s inspired look like I tried to create with them.... well it turned out pretty well I guess:)

They are so sparkling' and beautiful, I can't get enough of them and have already worn them to a simple striped tee, as well as to my vintage golden jumper from Beyond Retro, and will wear them more over the holidays:)

CAJOY - rose gold Star earrings* 49.99 €

Those rose gold Star earrings* have something timeless....but still they feel quite vintage, like the golden 20s as well as the sparkling 80s -  they are absolutely one of my must haves this winter season and I can just recommend them to all of you who are Retro & Vintage lovers on the hunt for the perfect New Years Eve earrings!!!!:)