Wednesday, 20 September 2017


Hi guys,

the days are shorter, it is honestly true - Autumn is here and we are more sleepy and tired than usual (well most of us, including me:)) and therefore I try to do some short power naps around the weekends to re-new my inner battery, which I need for work during week as well as for writing songs, blogging, going for walks through nice colorful parks and traveling. 

A power nap can be a part of your hygge routine as well as Hoogly tea - especially "Apple Strudel"* green tea, which has a fresh seasonal taste and calm me down after a stressful week!:) Honestly the taste of high-end green tea, with a hint of cloves and juicy apple - that's not just delicious but also reminds me strong on Mary Poppin's "Crisp Apple Strudel" & my childhood (whatever that means....:)).

 A great way to revitalize your mind with a cup of "Apple Strudel"* green tea & fight against Autumn blues!


Tuesday, 19 September 2017


Hi guys,

today I though to share with you an outfit, which I've been wearing already almost 2 weeks ago (you can see on the length of my hair:)) but I still wanted to share it with you:

I've been wearing some of my good old Zara skinny jeans with an old H&M denim shirt and one of my latest Autumn boots - the rain boots from Tchibo (psssst still few left & available here).


Sunday, 10 September 2017


Hi guys,

it's Autumn, it's Fall but that doesn't make me sad, instead I get quite creative with me outfits and today's colorful leaves and cloudy weather inspired me to create an 80's styled British Autumn look for moody, cloudy days.

"The crispy leaves beyond my feet, I walk on by with looking in the sky & feeling so home indeed, Autumn let me always keep to inspire myself for further ideas"

Tchibo - rain boots* 29.95 € (here)

Yeah it's Autumn, and yeah I don't really like this cloudy days BUT if it's foggy and cloudy it doesn't need to keep you far away from ideas - keep up trying and doing what you love and it will keep your mind in sunny moments!



Hi guys,

I've already wrote a bit about my DIY project, which I've began during last summer (here). Now I've almost finished my white wooden vinyl storage (after cleansing the whole wooden box with Biopin's power cleaner*, applying 3 coats of Biopin white full coverage polish* & using 1 coat of Biopin priming oil*).

Their intensive power cleaner contains natural orange oil as well as jojoba oil, which isn't just gentle to your hands, soap-free but also cleanse your wooden furniture as well as wooden floors thoroughly and fast! It also has a juice citrus scent and keeps the whole environment free from harsh chemicals.

All in all I've been quite satisfied with the easy and fast application of this full coverage polish*, but I've to say, that due to its strong scent, after you've applied it on your wooden surface, you will need to paint your pieces outside or if not possible (like indoor doors, kitchen cabins etc.) with all windows wide open! It also stopped smelling after almost a month! That's the only disadvantage I've recognized, the time while it's drying is also not pretty damn long - so I would say, that this furniture polish is a quite good alternative to regular full coverage paints and polishes, but this one comes with environment friendly ingredients instead of nature killing chemicals!:)

The inner size of this wooden chest is perfect for my vinyl collection, which can luckily grow now!:)

Biopin has a wide range of different paints/polishes (for wooden, metall & other surfaces), cleaners as well as paint oils - for all of you, who are currently re-building a piece or starting a renovation or just started to build your own home and need some environment-friendly products - these are worth to try!!!!


Thursday, 7 September 2017


Hi guys,

I've been walking recently through our local park, where you can find a small river with beautiful stones, perfect for posing:)!

Well it has been raining quite heavy before the shoot and after and while posing it was slightly raining too - perfect to wear and to show you the new rain coat & rain boots, which are both now available at Tchibo.

Tchibo rain coat* (100% polyester, available sizes EU 36-48)  - 34.95 € 

This rain coat* (beside its natural chalk shade:)) has a really nice detail on the back - it reminds me on traditional rain coats, which were already worn back in the 60s (and you know how much I love classic/vintage clothes!!!!:)) Such a shame, that the hood is too short (it does look pretty while posing but unpossible to walk while heavy rain, without using the two buttons in the front:/). I guess most jackets and coats with an hood aren't designed fully to protect your head while an heavy rain, unless they are these outdoor brand jackets for mountain climbing or outdoor activities, most of the time they are just the nice detail on a city jacket like this . Otherwise I really like this rain coat and it gets 8 points from 10!:)  As it doesn't look just pretty but also keeps me really warm while windy Autumn days!

 It also includes these features:

windproof/waterproof (for sure I've been already in a heavy shower with these coat!)  
breathable due to high-performance coating and sealed seams 
hood can be stored in the collar (which creates an extra thick collar - perfect for late Autumn days, where you still won't use a scarf)
removable belt - for a friendly shaped look
cuffs with adjustable width through lock & button closure
stain-resistant (due to ecorepel®-impregnation)
2 large pockets (1 can fit your phone, cards, lipgloss & a cotton tissue without looking bold!)

 Tchibo rain boots* (available sizes: EU 38-42) - 29.95€

These rain boots* are soooo comfy, but also sooooo ultra wide! I know, that I may have thin legs but usually I don't have problems with the wide of any ankle boots! Well I've size EU 40, maybe they've designed these boots with wider ankle by each size, but honestly I would need a tighter size on the ankle. A shame, as they are so comfortable (softest rain boots, especially in the front, I've tried out so far) and they have a highly profiled outer sole, pefect for Autumn walks through the park. I just have to figure out how to wear them, without getting cold feet and rain inside these boots, need to buy a kind of legwarmers to fix the looseness problem.... 

I still give them 9 of 10 points - as they are worth each Euro!:)

Have you already checked out the latest rain weather collection online (here) or in one of your local Tchibo stores?! This collection is now available - don't waste time to get the right sizes!:)


Monday, 4 September 2017

HOOGLY TEA - SPICED ORANGE PUNCH (non-alcoholic recipe)*

Hi guys,

recently I got a huge package from Hoogly Tea (thank you again Tina!!!!:)) and especially the "Spiced Orange" tea* inspired me to create a non-alcoholic punch version, perfect for this season - as it keeps you warm, it's delicious (even without any kind of sweetener!) and contains Vitamin C (due to the added fresh squeezed orange juice)! This cup is honestly filled with the right amount of spice & citrus flavour - perfect for (your) next Autumn party!:)


What you'll need for a nice cup of this homemade "Spiced Orange Punch":

1 Hoogly biodegradable tea pyramide of  "Spiced Orange"*
1/2 cup of fresh squeezed orange juice or 100% yellow multi-vitamine juice (warmed up)
1 cinnamon stick, some cloves (not necessary:))

Hoogly contains just high-end natural & carefully selected herbs/dried fruits/spices, which ensures to create with just a single cup the perfect Danish "Hygge" moment during a busy day or just while spending a lovely comfy weekend with your beloved ones. Packed with love in biodegradable tea pyramides and blended in Brighton/UK.

But as I'm drinking tea a LOT and have some of my fav' teas daily on my "drink list" - I'm looking for different ways to consume them, that's why the "Spiced Orange" tea* has inspired me to create this delicious "Spicy Orange Punch"! (well the tea and my fav' Disney movie "Hocus Pocus" have kinda inspired me to create this yummy Autumn non-alcoholic drink:)).

Spiced Orange* may be one of my fav's from their whole selection, as it totally reminds me on a tea I've drunk as a child quite a lot as well as during my stay in NYC (one of my fav' places on earth or maybe the most fav' one:)) but I've to try out a lot more Hoogly teas, which I'll be reviewing here on my blog, during the next Autumn/Winter months - so stay tuned!:) 

I'm already excited to try some more yummy punch recipes with some of the other flavours from the whole Hoogly tea selection. It combines 2 of my fav' "things" on earth: 1. my beloved 2nd home Brighton (as I've lived there for a while & a while ago:)) + 2. my passion for drinking tea:)


Wednesday, 30 August 2017


Hi guys,

as I'm typing this post, I've to think constantly on the natural peppermint and spearmint flavor, no artificial colorings, flavours or sugars! I mean we all know, that Birch Sugar (Xylithol) is the healthier way to sweeten up your daily coffee, porridge or while enjoying to chew a chewing gum - in fact most gum brands already use Xylithol but still add extra artifical sweeteners, which make each gum less healthy than just stay safely with 1 natural sweetener - like Chewsy.

Founder, Sunitt, had a simple idea - due to his own bad consumer experience, while chewing regular gum, which he bought at a grocery store and got really bad headaches caused by artificial sweeteners, flavours and preservatives he started to think about a healthier chewing gum version and that was the birth of Chewsy (for the whole story check out their own page here).

These little square gum cubes, aren't just almost the same in consistency like regular chewing gums (as they contain Gum Arabic & Chicle Gum Base) but they also don't "melt" in your mouth. Ok I know, you might have lifted up right now one (or two) of your eyebrow(s), but I've already made this unpleasant experience while chewing a bit longer time on a regular chewing gum as well as on another organic gum (which I won't mention now) - both absorbed after that time and become liquid. As Chewsy just contain 5 natural ingredients I was in the first time a bit worried, that maybe the texture as well as the longterm chew could turn into a nightmare - but NOPE! The "chew texture" is pretty much the same like by other non-natural chewing gums and they DON'T MELT:)!!!!

5 natural Ingredients - that's inside Chewsy (Spearmint, Peppermint, Lemon):

Xylitol (came from birch trees)
Chicle Gum Base (came from Sapodilla trees)
Gum Arabic (came from Acacia trees)
Sunflower Lecithin (came from sunflower plants)
Natural Flavour (came from Spearmint/Peppermint/Lemon plant)

The Peppermint ones are my fav', as they taste like my beloved cup of fresh brewed peppermint leaf tea. Of course Spearmint tastes as well quite good, but still Peppermint stays my fav' one. They also offer a citrusy version called "Lemon, which I've not tried out yet - maybe some of you could let me know in the comments below, whether or how you like the citrus version of Chewsy?!

Chewsy can be bought at at the main online-shop (here), Planet Organic stores/online shop (here) or check out your local groceries / healthy food independent stores, if you live around the UK - where you might find them too!:)

I love my teeth and therefore I try to take care of them as much as possible! - I was super excited to get the opportunity to test out and review Chewsy for you guys, as they aren't just 100% natural, biodegradable but most of all they are gentle, take care of my teeth and leave a fresh breath!

The only disadvantage (which could be solved by time), that they aren't available all over Europe in local organic/independent stores or cafes - as I'm sure, that they would become beloved by many others in a very short time!:)