Thursday, 23 November 2017

dm FOOD FESTIVAL - Impressions*

Hi guys,

it has been just incredible to spend time with many interesting young people @ the dm international Food Festival, which took place last weekend in Salzburg. 

The location itself has been the beautiful modern Panzerhalle, which is and has been used in the past for many other interesting fairs and events and has been just perfect to create a pre-festive Christmas atmosphere while cooking delicious meals from 12 different countries all around Europe (countries where dm drugstores are located:)).

I've tried, I really did.... but the icing has been already a bit dry to apply...

besides the delicious dm bio green ice tea with tangerine and lemon grass I've enjoyed to see all the brand-new goods from herbaria:)!

The dm team has create an unforgettable work, me including the most of other lifestyle-/food bloggers and influencers won't forget this festival as it has been the kind of events you don't see often or even experience twice in your life (if you know what I mean?! - it's got its own individual uniqueness, which you won't see in that way on any other food festival!).

I got really lucky to be invited to this amazing place, where I baked fresh Czech gingerbread as well as I tried out the very first time Romanian Polenta, Austrian beet risotto and Slowenian Chocolate Pasta filled with dark chocolate (sounds not just sweet it has been damn good and sweet!).

päx food created high-end finest dried fruits (I totally love their dry pineapple pieces!:))

The workshops has been held in German and English on 12 cooking islands with 4-5 applicants on each cooking island. It really surprised me that I've been chosen for the Czech cook island as it has been a surprised until all of us got the gorgeous festive dm basket, which we filled with all the goods. I got the number 11 on the back of the heart shaped mark of my basket, and cooking island no. 11 has represented Czech Republic.

I love pickles, therefore I've been pretty excited to see the LUTZ snacking pickles....a shame I just picked one jar (as they are damn good!!!!)

After we finished cooking, we spend a long time on the "Christmas Market", where we filled up our festive baskets with different brand-new dm bio products and other branded goods.

The day flew by quite quickly and suddenly we took our way back home.

It has been a great new experience in the kitchen for a non-cook like me as well as a VERY fun and unforgettable trip to Salzburg and to spend the whole weekend with dm - I'm really thankful and therefore, I wanted to share with you most of it in this post, to show you how amazing it has been as well as to thank dm for inviting me!:)

(PR Trip - mentioned/showed products has been given to me as a PR sample, all pictures belong to me unless otherwise stated)

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Cloer - Waffle Maker Type 18 (189)*

Hi guys,

I've recently got a brand-new waffle maker - the Cloer waffle maker No. 189*, which made me already (right after the 1st using) dreamy fluffy waffles!

I found it really handy, that it has two holes for the cable, to ensure to store it safely in your cupboard, without getting the cable everywhere (cable chaos is quite popular @ my home, therefore really THANK YOU Cloer for inventing such a genial idea!)

Beside its 20 Year guarantee you can be sure, that you won't burn any of your waffles as it has a special (alarm) signal, which goes on when your waffle is finally ready to serve. 

Important facts about this Cloer waffle maker No. 189:

low-fat baking by non-stick coating
creates not too soft, fluffy (cake similar) waffles
easy and simple cleaning (don't put it in your dishwasher/don't pour the whole waffle maker in water! - just use a soft cloth and clean just the two inner waffle plates)
contains an alarm signal
you can select between 5 browning grades with the slider
easy opening/closing while making waffles (some waffle makers are damn heavy to use!)
includes a plug storage
20 cm baking surface, creates 1.4 cm thick waffles

Cloer Waffle Maker No. 189* - 95.99 €

This weekend I made super easy Apple Sauce waffles, which has been my 1st waffles with this maker:

What you'll need for this yummy and super easy Apple Sauce Waffles:

1 cup rolled oats
1/3 cup flour 
1 egg
1 cup of your fav' (homemade) apple sauce
1 tsp. cinnamon
3 tsp. coconut sugar
1 tsp. baking powder
a dash of salt
1 tsp. oil of your choice (I've used rapeseed oil)
Apple Sauce & Maple Sauce for Serving
and a good waffle maker like Cloer waffle maker No. 189

Mix all ingredients together, makes about 2-3 waffles and serve them with apple sauce, a dash of cinnamon and drizzle some maple syrup over your warm fresh fluffy waffles.... trust me each kcal is worth it!!!!

A waffle maker, which can make you soft FLUFFY waffles (1.4 cm), has a non-stick coating, 5 browning levels (to create the perfect waffle of your choice), comes with a matt stainless steel finish - well this Cloer waffle maker No. 189 doesn't hurt your wallet nor hurt your taste - it's a great waffle maker for beginners (like me:)) as well as for prof' bakers - who just don't wanna spend the whole money for a waffle maker!


Monday, 13 November 2017

OOTD - How to combine Mum-fit Denim Jeans, Stripes & Boots

Hi guys,

today has been quite a rainy day, but at least I tried to pose in one of my fav' Autumn outfits, my beloved Mum-fit high waisted denim jeans from Zara and my striped Tee from Tchibo, which I've already worn a tons of time....

What am I wearing:

striped long armed tee (Tchibo - old collection)
Mum-fitted denim Jeans (ZARA)

Wish you all a great start into a brand-new week and enjoy this Sunday evening guys!:)


Saturday, 11 November 2017


Hi guys,

I'm sure you've all already experienced awesome as well as very bad experiences with different creamy / liquid eye shadows - am I right?! There aren't plenty which feels great on your eyelids after awhile, don't last over 7 hours (on the right place, where they should stay!) and most of the time they are not well pigmented. Well I've tried a lot out, but I've to say, that most of them where from regular drugstore, as I've been a bit stingy when it comes to buy a creamy eyeshadow (we are talking mostly about 1 shade not even a whole palette!) for about 40 €!

Recently I've tried out the "Silk Aether"* from Rouge Bunny Rouge, which isn't just a makeup brand (a bit pricy - this long-lasting duo cream eye shadow cost about 42.00 €!) -  it's honestly mainly a dream for all vintage babes/modern hippies and just for all of you who like beautiful packaged makeup.

Not to forget, that most of their products have an unique scent, which reminds me strong on dreamy flower bouquets... I mean there are not much brands out there, who would fulfill all these points:

  • long lasting (it really lasts on my eyelids for more than 9 hours/ day!) 
  • comfortable to wear on your lids (which some cream eye shadows definitely aren't!!!!)
  • the classic modern designed packaging, which is mainly black and translucent - just timeless and clean
  • the gorgeous shades from the perfect nude to bold smokey eyes
  • the unique light scent of each Rouge Bunny Rouge makeup product

....leave it shortly said, that I'm overwhelmed by their latest makeup collection, which has been inspired from fairytales and fairies. Rouge Bunny Rouge not just an high-end brand but also really a true master of long-lasting and comfortable makeup texture!

With "Silk Aether"*  long-lasting duo cream eye shadow you can create a flawless dreamy eye makeup, inspired by old Hollywood and Golden 20s. 

Don't forget to use: RBR-NIKASINSPIRATIONS20 to get a discount of 20% off on your next stop at RBR's online shop :)


Friday, 10 November 2017


Hi guys,

well it's already more than 2 weeks, and I finally got time to show you some pic's from the last KISSA Tea event, which took place in a gorgeous loft, located right in the middle of Vienna's old town. I found it quite interesting, as it was not the typical kind of PR product presentation but mainly more a kind of inspiring product review - as they offered us different kind of snacks and even a beautiful made Matcha cake, which has been made of their brand-new KISSA "Latte To Go" drink collection*:

I've tasted already white/milk/dark chocolate even peppermint brezels but never ever covered in white matcha green coverage - like they've offered (they used the KISSA Matcha For Latte Mix*) or even I though, that raw nut bars, can't contain something like KISSA Earl Grey for Latte Mix*, to create a British classic flavor, which suits perfectly with homemade marmalade/vegan cashew cream filling or even simple and flavoured with KISSA Matcha Cinnamon for Latte Mix* like they've offered.

These are the 4 KISSA Latte To Go Flavors:

KISSA Earl Grey for Latte Mix* 5.99 € / 120 g 
KISSA Matcha For Latte Mix* 7.49 € / 120 g 

My absolute favorite from all 4 flavours is probably Earl Grey for Latte Mix* as well as the Curcuma for Latte Mix*, which heats you up while cold winter days and leaves you energized from the inside!

Have you already heard or even tried one of the latest KISSA Latte To Go mixes out?! - What's your fav' one?!:)