Friday, 21 April 2017


Hi guys,

today I may show you a product, which I don't used on myself (I let it test out by my sister), as I'm against any kind of cherry scented, cherry containing products BUT the texture and the new oil pearl with creme shower gel combination is indeed a lovely innovation, which will let bloom up your soul and your skin during spring!:)

Nivea has created further 2 "Creme Oil Pearls" Shower Gels* beside the Cherry blossom & Argan oil shower gel* you will maybe try out: Lotus & Argan Oil* as well as Ylang-Ylang & Argan Oil* - I'll definitely have the feeling to try out soon the Ylang-Ylang out, as it's calming down your soul after a long stressful day and might help in combination with the high-end argan oil to create a smooth and flawless complexion on your beloved body:)

Did you've tried out one of Nivea's new "Creme Oil Pearls" shower gels yet?


OOTD - 70s Paparazzi Shots

Hi everyone,

sun, summer - wait it's still spring, these days we had colder windy days, in some parts of Austria it was also snowing again (in April!) but 2 weeks ago we had warm sunny days with almost 22 degrees celsius! 

What I wear:

Oversized Bleached Light Blue Denim Jacket - ZARA (old)
Suede Leather Cowboy Boots - TKMaxx (old)
Sunglasses - Polaroid (old)
White Cotton/Linen Dress - Lily J. (old from the most gorgeous boutique in Camden/London)


Wednesday, 19 April 2017


Hi everyone,

who wouldn't like to get the perfect vintage red lips, which we all know well from old classic hollywood movies, but suddently we found out, that most of the time they are darker or too shiny or too vibrant, which we can't wear at school or at work much often or feel too uncomfortable to show up our beautiful lips so bold each time....

....I have quite often the feeling, that good old juicy red bold lips aren't the right choice for each life situations, therefore I've been searching for the right shade and suddenly I ended up again with a further lipstick from Max Factor's Lipfinity range* as they last a pretty damn long time on your lips, no matter whether you drink some sparkling water/wine or coke or whether you eat an ice cream - they last even if you give someone a kiss!

To finish up the whole makeup, to make it flawless and classic chic - I've used my longterm fav' foundation, which has now been re-named and re-packed - it's the touch-proof "Lasting Performance" foundation*, which reminds me strong on the "Soft Resistant Make Up".

What you think? Would that be a makeup, which you'd wear for work or your date?



Hi everyone,

too much weight? why my pants don't fit? detox? what is this?

It's spring, our body needs to get a little detox treat, it must not be the most expensive pill or smoothie powder blend to heat up your inner digestation and to loose some extra pounds! 

What about to start up each day with a glass of fresh squeezed grapefruit refresher each morning? - What you think?:)

It's delicious, refreshing and also very healthy in combination with a good quality sparkling water like Magnesia's extra sparkling mineral water*, which includes more magnesium makes it the perfect pre-gym drink too! 

So don't be silly, just try out this power drink, full of vitamines and extra energy for a great startup each day!:)



Hi guys,

I've been a while ago (2 weeks exactly) in Mannheim, a bigger city in Germany, where one of my friends lives.

Never been there before and didn't expected, that a industry city could be so exciting and colorful like Mannheim was.

Most of all I fell in love with the beautiful garden area beside their tourism magnet point and the Mannheim's landmark - the beautiful water tower, which was completed in 1886.

It's not the biggest city and definitely not the one, which has a ton of different theatres and culture places for artists or musicians but it is unique in its own kind.


Wednesday, 5 April 2017


Hi everyone,

if you have dry, itchy skin, which tends to get red after showering or after beeing too long in the sun. Avocado.B12 shower gel* is the perfect treatment for that and in combination with the Avocado.B12 creme it gives your skin the needed moisture and protection, to avoid further skin irritations!

The shower gel* itself doesn't have a scent it's more a neutral scent I'd said. The gel is foaming while you're taking a shower but if you prefer taking a bath (like me the bath queen:)) I'd not recommend it as a bubble bath as it's not that typical foaming shower gel, which you could use for a bath too.

It has the same main ingredients like the Avocado.B12 Creme - therefore it has the same care and could be used while traveling or just in combination with the creme itself.

All in all I'd say, that this shower gel isn't my favorite but it's not because it wouldn't help, as it really treats my skin gently and leaves it hydrated but due to, that I prefer perfumed/scented shower gels and this one isn't.

Let me know, what or whether you've already tried some products from Avocado.B12?



Hi guys,

I've been few weeks ago in Prague (I'm quite often there:)) and took some photos from places I found very interesting and magical. Would love to read in the comments below, where all these places are in Prague:)

And? Any ideas where you could find these spots in Prague?!;)



Hi everyone,

I've been quite busy the last days, therefore I haven't had time to post about 2 lip balms from Bebe*, which I received quite a while ago:

The 3in1 Repair Balm* is my fav' from both lip balms, as the honey scent and creamy texture is just perfect for dry and flacky lips! I don't really like the scent of the Smoothie lip balm*, as it smells like the usual multi-vitamin juices - well some of you will love it (for that I'm sure:)) but I'm more into 1-2 scented lip balms not really into multi scented balms.

Both of them are the same shade, which means both are pure white. Don't expect an orange or a pale yellow balm (which would match the packaging, but I guess it wouldn't be really healthy to use color pigments).

All in all I really love the 3in1 Repair Balm*:) really I will re-buy it, asap I'll fully used it up!