Saturday, 3 December 2016


Hi guys,

I've been using the Weleda Pomegranate shower cream* quite a few times since I've received a lovely christmas-gift set* and would like to show you, how to create the perfect pre-christmas no-stress/stress relief night bath spa atmosphere:

First of all, prepare all products you'll need during your stay in a warm/hot bath for about 20-30min.:

1 glass of sparkling water (optional: cucumber water, wine, iced winter tea)
Intimate Wash Gel
1 scented candle (I've used a winter scented one - try to use a pomegranate or spice one)
1 radio/ipad/iphone (NOT directly at the bath tub:) just to make sure you have your fav' christmas album playing)
1 body lotion of your choice or Weleda 

I really would recommend you to try a day after a a stressful pre-christmas shopping day/school/work or before your actual christmas vacation trip to chill for a half hour in your bath tub and feeling that christmas is coming, but in a more relax way than usual.


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