Thursday, 22 December 2016


Hi guys,

I've been always an addicted cheesecake fan (to be honest I'd prefer a cheesecake above a bunch of rose:)) and therefore I've been really interested and happy about one of the latest books baking books from Hölker Verlag - "I love Cheesecake", which contains a bunch of different types of cheesecakes:

In the book you'll find baked as well as non-baked kind of cheesecakes, I've tried at first a cheesecake from their "Classic" section. It's called "Wiener Topfentorte" ("Vienna Quark Cake"):

Ingredients (for a 24cm round spring pan - this amount can be used for a christmas tree muffin pan too):

1 vanilla bean
4 Eggs (I've used medium sized eggs)
125g room temperatured non-salted butter
140g sugar (stevia, regular, brown, xylit or honey - depends on you:))
125g almond flour
125g quark (the one, which contains 20% fat)
1.5 fresh orange - usage: orange peel
3 tbs. Amaretto or like I used almond extract
dash of salt

You'll need also:

butter for the spring pan/christmas tree muffin pan
powdered sugar for

I've blended all ingredients together and blended the eggwhites with a dash of salt in a seperate bowl. Mixed carefully the eggwhites with the mixture together and let it bake for approx. 45min. in our oven at a temperature of 190 celsius degrees.

As this "cheesecake" doesn't contain any flour, it could be a great cake dish as well for gluten-free cake eaters:)

If you use a muffin pan with festive motive like my christmas tree muffin pan, it gives this cake an unique and cute look. For more decoration I've used walnut halfs, even if it doesn't contain any walnut flour (which brings me to the idea to make it the next time with walnut flour:)). Let your creativity run through each recipe you will find in this awesome "I love Cheesecake"* book!:)


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