Tuesday, 20 December 2016


Hi everyone,

I've started to use mascara not really in an early age, I was about 20 (yeah I'm not 20 anymore, which doesn't make me sad at all:)) and I always prefered the oldfashioned/traditional types of mascara brushes, not the fancy modern "sculping" ones but with brushes (if you know what I mean:)). The latest I've tried out is the new "Supreme Lash Volume Colourist"* by Manhattan Cosmetics, which has the typical mascara brush head but of course this mascara comes with an innovation: it makes your lashes darker after using it for two weeks. 

Now let me tell you, that I'm using it since few days, and my lashes are naturally darker, so I'll keep you up on Instagram or so, if there should be any changes in the next weeks. 

It comes in the typical shaped mascara packaging, which is used for almost all Manhattan Cosmetics mascaras, but to be honest I really like the pink and black combination, makes it in a kind classic.

As normally I pick always a black or in combination with black mascara packaging (if it's not rosegold packaged) - do you have the same behavior or do you grab just for your fav' mascara all the time?! Let me know, I'd be really interested in your answer(and nope, that shouldn't be an analyzing kind of question:)).

The texture isn't too sticky and I have to tell (with a positively surprised voice), that it doesn't feels or became dry after wearing it for almost half a day.

 Whoops- there's a "smudge" from my eyeliner at my eyelid (yeah I've done it too fast I guess, sorry:))

Unfortunately I can't really agree, that this mascara will 100% create an instant volume and that your lashes will appear fuller or longer. I've natural full darker lashes, which are already a bit longer (usually they reach the beginning of my eyebrows) I would say, yes you see an instant volume and length, if you have already a bit fuller or darker lashes.

All in all, I'd give this mascara from 10 points - 8 points. I really like the packaging, the type of the mascara brush, which allows a comfortable and quick application as well as the traditional black shade, which isn't too dry overtime:) But as mentioned before I don't think, it would create longer or fuller lashes on someone, who has too short or non-full lashes.

Did you've already tried this mascara on yourself?! If so, how did you found the result and would you recommend the "Supreme Lash Volume Colourist"* too?!


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