Thursday, 22 December 2016


Hi everyone,

do you already got the perfect gift for your best friend or did you find already the makeup look you gonna wear on the 24th, 25th of December and New Years Eve?! I've found a perfect palette and tried different looks already since last week with the "Eyemazing Nudes"* eyeshadow palette:

It comes in an usual black palette, but the shades are perfect to create a beautiful earthy smokey eye, school/work look as well as night go out/festive eye makeup. The pigmentation isn't strong by each shade but all in all very well pigmented and longlasting (I've worn it over 8h/day and it doesn't smudged over my eyelid!).

All in all I would give this "Eyemazing Nudes"* eyeshadow palette from 10 points - 10 points, as it's a very nice, well pigmented, long lasting eyeshadow palette with a pretty good drugstore price!:) And I mean, who wouldn't like a palette called "200 shades of Manhattan":)


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