Friday, 23 December 2016


Hi everyone,

I've been thinking about a simple (yeah simple, as we all need the time for something else than makeup on christmas day or?!) but lovely festive makeup look for this christmas season and came to this result:


I've used Supreme "Lash Volume Colourist"* mascara, Catrice Eye Brow Stylist Pencil in the lightest shade (Date with Ash-Ton) as well don't forget to mention, that I've used the Gosh Prime'n'Set Powder to avoid any nasty oily parts on my facial skin. As you wanna look prepared and lovely on such a festive day:)

Manhattan "All In One"* Lipstick in the shade: 620 Rockin' Red

 I really do love the scent of this lipstick* as it reminds me softly on a perfume I smelled once I guess in the early 2000s or 90s or it just reminds me on Estee Lauder scents (does it sound weird?!). Well it has a lovely texture, not too dry and not too oily - so it allows a perfect application (if you already trained yourself applying a red lipstick:)) and it lasts quite a long time without getting flacky/too dry.

What would be a makeup without a foundation, I've used the Manhattan "Wake Up Concealer"* (Naturelle), to cover the dark circles under my eyes (which I get really often during stressful moments) and any unclear skin parts (nasty pimples). 

After that I blend the Manhattan "3 in 1 Easy Match Make Up"* in the shade: 30 Soft Porcelain (as I'm very light, not light like a chalk but I'm simply like the tanned chalk, if you know what I mean:)).

But nothing goes without a healthy cheek tan, therefore I use my beloved Makeup Revolution "All about Bronzed" Ultra Blush Palette and for my eye makeup I've choosen the Manhattan "Eyemazing Nudes Eyeshadow Palette"* in the shade: 200 Shades of Manhattan. From this palette I used the first 3 shades and the 6th (kinda bronze/rose gold one) to create a quite nice blend deep eyemakeup, which stays classy.

Last but not least I used the Manhattan "Eye Studio Master Precise Liquid Liner" to create the classic cateye:

It could be a great look for your work/school as well, as it isn't too much but it comes with the classic touch of glamour:)


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