Tuesday, 27 December 2016


Hi guys,

well it's a bit late I guess, but I have still some posts, which will be christmas related, as I've not got time to post it yet.

Therefore I'd love to show you, how I usually decorate our christmas cookies, which isn't really a thing, if you are prepared, having a lot of different sugar pearls/festive motives and coloring.

Anyway, I usually do it while I listen to christmas songs, this year I got a pretty damn good list of xmas albums, I've listened too:):

She & Him - Christmas Party
Kacey Musgraves - A Very Kacey Christmas
Amy Grant - Tennessee Christmas
Jennifer Nettles - to celebrate Christmas
Chris Young - It Must Be Christmas
Audrey Assad - Inheritance
Loretta Lynn - white christmas blue
Lauren Daigle - Behold A Christmas Collection

And as every christmas season since my childhood I'm listening to the good old "Christmas Album" sang by Elvis.

It's to be honest always a kinda mess in the kitchen, but the results are fine I guess:)


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