Sunday, 6 November 2016


Hi guys,

recently I've started to bake again more stuff, it's quite typical for me to bake more during Autumn-/Winterseason, as it's the time of the year where you simply don't focus so much on your body (don't tell me it's just me:)) like during Spring-/Summer(Bikini) Seasons, where you try to loose even more than before.

 Revol 1768 - 18 Madeleine Cake Pan*

During the last month I've been searching online or even in my good old baking books for a great recipe for madeleines, which are simply to make and create a nice texture.


175g white flour / pastry flour
1.5 tsp. baking powder
170g melted butter
140g powder sugar
2-3 tsp. honey
2 large / 4 small eggs
1tsp. salt
flavouring: 2tsp. fresh lemon peel (organic/non-chemical), 1tsp. vanilla extract

Decoration: dark cooking chocolate/ high quality chocolate bar

I came up with the idea to just browse through different recipes, and to pick up from each recipe some ingredients and amounts I though, that it could work and the result isn't so bad or?!:

Basically I love the flavour of this biscuit dough, but I don't like biscuit for cakes (If you know what I mean, I prefer moist or very moist cakes) and I think, that the next time I'd simply "moist" it up by filling them at the bottom with homemade jam or chocolate mousse, just to simply make them more moist. 

  Revol 1768 - 18 Madeleine Cake Pan*

On the other hand the dry biscuit consistency can be a plus too! As you could simply use the plain madeleines without the chocolate covering/decoration for a dessert like: Tiramisu or Eton Mess instead the regular biscuits:). So they would make by the way a great dessert for New Years Eve!


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