Tuesday, 22 November 2016


Hi guys,

baking during November and also sometimes October is the ultimative prep-time for christmas, baking different kind of christmas cookies (if you're from England you start mostly in November or early December to avoid, that the Mince Pies get bad:) but Plumpudding or Christmas Pudding can be made in advance like I learned). 

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Gingerbread or like every Austrian/German would say "Lebkuchen" is one of the fav' cookies during the time, it isn't the same like baked in Sweden and Norway or Danmark, it's bit different consistency/texture, spice and at the end completely different type of gingerbread.

Recipe for traditional Austrian/German "Lebkuchen" gingerbread dough (16 portion/2-3 baking sheets):

200g Butter
950g spelt flour 
8 Eggs (medium)
1000g Honey (forest honey, any kind of liquid honey)
60g Gingerbread spice
40g Natron
250g rye flour

Nürnberg is a traditional and historical place in Germany, where "Lebkuchen" has been made since over 500 years. In Czech you've Pardubice, where the gingbread is similar to the German version but a bit different in spices again (so you see it depends on location and the tradition of each country).

Basically I've been baking a simple old version of gingerbread, which is used to be baked here in Austria, I've tried different kind of as I love gingerbread (my mum not, she really would avoid coming home, while I'm baking 'cause she didn't even like the scent:)).

If you use like me 3-4 different shapes, decor it with egg white sugar glaze and some golden pearls, you can create lovely treats for this holiday season. Patisse has a huge selection of different cutters too:)


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