Sunday, 27 November 2016

PATISSE DEEP SPRINGFORM PAN - Chia Puff Pastry with Walnut Filling*

Hi guys,

during November and to be honest, during the whole Autumn/Winter season I'm used to use a lot of nuts, butter dough for my baked goods. Chia seeds are one of the superfoods, which mostly all of us already know and are using (including me:)) therefore I've been surprised to find a prepared dough already in my fav' grocery in Prague (while I've been there one of the last weekends) and though it would be nice to use for a kind of "Puff Pastry Walnut Pie" while using my latest Patisse "Deep Springform Pan"*:

I haven't filled the whole pan, as the pastry wasn't enough to create the crust as well, therefore I created a usual high "pie" size.

I've created some braid shaped puff pastry decoration for the top of the cake.

I've baked the crust itself for 10min. before I add the nut filling (300g grounded walnuts, 150g powder sugar, 20g breadcrumbs, 20g butter). After the "pie" has been removed from the oven and finished - I add some white chocolate glaze to decorate the top.


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