Tuesday, 8 November 2016


Hi guys,

today is for many of you a big day, the election day in the states are for all Americans as well as for all who have/had friends and family their a day, where you maybe can't vote but can follow all news about the election and the candidates itself.

We are currently in a time, which changes so fast and we aren't sure about how. It's not just the politics. My generation (and I'm talking about people born during the 90s:)) are thinking about politics in a different way, most of us don't know how it was during the time of ethnic difference, big walls and no freedom.

I know that you think we don't have freedom : well if I don't earn enough or money at all I can't travel, but the people back than had not even the chance to travel in different countries due to big walls! 

Or what about difference?! We all (not just Europeans BUT Young Americans too) mostly except different styles, different thinking, we are excited about learning about different cultures and learn from others! As we all know from history and from good education itself, that difference gives your life a spicy flavour, as people who accept others, will learn even more from our beautiful blue planet!

There was a time, and I'm not talking 'bout racism, because unfortunately the sad thing is that's still here even in the 21st Century. I'm talking about how it was present in the past and our parents or we grew up already in a time, where it stopped to be so present and we need to keep it as low as possible.

Everyone of us is unique no matter what colour, what style, what native or culture. We all are special and we need to be proud of who we are, and we need to be proud of others, who try to be as much successful as we in our lifes!

It's our responsibility to avoid wars, to keep our freedom spirit, to except challanges and work on issues, which need to be solved but in a way, that no one of us will get to his end. Of course, that works just if both sides are tolerant and show tolerance to others!

Well there hasn't been and won't be a president on earth (no matter which country) who solved all issues, which has been given to him at the beginning and that's simply because he's not the only person who decides. 

That's what we all shouldn't forget, no one of all presidents in the big whole world can solve one issue by himself as otherwise it wouldn't be a president it would be a leader....

....and we all know that it wouldn't be that what we wanted, it wouldn't be the place we call home.


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