Sunday, 27 November 2016


Hi everyone,

most of us use sunscreen/suncare products during the hot summer months, but we forget quite often, that during the winter season you need as well an extra portion of sun protection. 

Some of you love to make holidays or are already planing holidays in the mountains (no matter whether in Canada, Switzerland, France or Austria), while you are snowboarding, skying or just enjoying a nice warm cup of hot cocoa high up the mountains, don't forget to use an apline sunscreen.

Or what about a nice sleigh ride in your neighborhood? If you stay outside for more than 10 min. (usually for 2-3 hours while enjoying the festive snowy landscape) you shouldn't forget your facial skin too! The sun reflects the light from the white snow like if you'd sit in a glass!

Therefore alpine sun creams like the one from Nivea are used by many athletes as well as responsible persons, so don't forget to use an alpine sunscreen while enjoying the nice winter landscape and have fun in the snow!:)


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