Tuesday, 22 November 2016

NIVEA - CELLular Anti-Age Firming Pearls*

Hi guys,

this post isn't necessary made for "20 somethings" like me, it's more an inspiration or information for your older sisters or mum's, a perfect gift for christmas too (if you are a student , as it's not as much expensive as other facial serums and creams from high-end lux' brands). 

The CELLular Anti-Age Firming Pearls Serum* contain high-quality Anti-Age ingredients like: keratin and hyaluronic acid. It gives a new firm touch to your facial skin and a regenerates the skin cells. If


If you've already wrinkles, it helps to firm the once, which aren't too deep, as the deep ones can't be removed or firmed completely, it just helps to smooth and moisturized them than before:)

I'd recommend this serum* from 39+.


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