Sunday, 27 November 2016


Hi everyone,

most of us use sunscreen/suncare products during the hot summer months, but we forget quite often, that during the winter season you need as well an extra portion of sun protection. 

Some of you love to make holidays or are already planing holidays in the mountains (no matter whether in Canada, Switzerland, France or Austria), while you are snowboarding, skying or just enjoying a nice warm cup of hot cocoa high up the mountains, don't forget to use an apline sunscreen.

Or what about a nice sleigh ride in your neighborhood? If you stay outside for more than 10 min. (usually for 2-3 hours while enjoying the festive snowy landscape) you shouldn't forget your facial skin too! The sun reflects the light from the white snow like if you'd sit in a glass!

Therefore alpine sun creams like the one from Nivea are used by many athletes as well as responsible persons, so don't forget to use an alpine sunscreen while enjoying the nice winter landscape and have fun in the snow!:)


PATISSE DEEP SPRINGFORM PAN - Chia Puff Pastry with Walnut Filling*

Hi guys,

during November and to be honest, during the whole Autumn/Winter season I'm used to use a lot of nuts, butter dough for my baked goods. Chia seeds are one of the superfoods, which mostly all of us already know and are using (including me:)) therefore I've been surprised to find a prepared dough already in my fav' grocery in Prague (while I've been there one of the last weekends) and though it would be nice to use for a kind of "Puff Pastry Walnut Pie" while using my latest Patisse "Deep Springform Pan"*:

I haven't filled the whole pan, as the pastry wasn't enough to create the crust as well, therefore I created a usual high "pie" size.

I've created some braid shaped puff pastry decoration for the top of the cake.

I've baked the crust itself for 10min. before I add the nut filling (300g grounded walnuts, 150g powder sugar, 20g breadcrumbs, 20g butter). After the "pie" has been removed from the oven and finished - I add some white chocolate glaze to decorate the top.



Hi everyone,

I've been recently on our local christmas market, which I visited since many years, it is a lovely and with tradition held market, where you can find different kind of sweets, baked stuff, warm egg nogs/chocolate/punch and Glühwein. It's a typical kind of christmas market in Austria, but similar to Czech or German christmas markets.

I've enjoyed it and drunk with mum a hot punch (my fav' non-alc apple punch from the same wooden cottage there like each year).


THE DETOX KITCHEN BIBLE - Spicy Cauliflower Soup with Celery*

Hi guys,

I've been trying to eat as much veggies and fruits as possible during the last weeks, I also eat almost each day a warm homemade soup, to warm up my body (as I'm freezing usually during the cold days of November and December).

 The Detox Kitchen Bible *- 26.95 € (GER), 27.80 € (AT), 35.50 CHF (CH) Edel Verlag

"The Detox Kitchen Bible"* includes delicious vegetarian dishes, meat/fish dishes as well as yummy sweet desserts, all created by the wonderful Lily Simpson in coop' with Rob Hobson.

The Spice Cauliflower Soup with Celery is a real health pill, it is full of vitamin B1/Thiamin, vitamin B6, vitamin C, folid acid, potassium and fibers. A great benefit for your heart, digestion, immune system as well as psyche.


This recipe is easy and quick to make, all you need is a good blender (like the Russel Hobbs Illumina Jug Blender), which can be used to smooth up your soup, as well as the good fresh ingredients, which are needed to create the delicious soup:

1 cauliflower
1/2 half celery bulb (diced)
1/2 half tsp smoked paprika powder (inside the soup as well as decorating)
1 dash of salt
1 tablespoon rapeseed oil
1 big onion (diced)
2 cloves of garlic (diced)
1 celery stack (diced)
500ml vegetable stock

It's such a delicious soup, perfect for cold Autumn days.


Saturday, 26 November 2016

WELEDA - Jardin de Vie grenade Parfum*

Hi everyone,

the last days I've been using a lot of different scents, mostly spicy ones (like each Autumn/Winter Season) and I really fell in love with the Weleda Jardin de Vie grenade* scent, which has fruity as well as spicy notes - perfect for the months of October/November/December.

It comes in a 50ml glass bottle with a plastic cap, the perfume itself has a light yellow shade and gets a lovely shade due to the ombre colored bottle. The scent is really refreshing, sparkling with a fruity / spice note, it reminds me even on some days like a bottle of coke with lemon (even if that's a bit too far:)).


Jardin de Vie* - a scent, which creates memories.


Tuesday, 22 November 2016


Hi guys,

baking during November and also sometimes October is the ultimative prep-time for christmas, baking different kind of christmas cookies (if you're from England you start mostly in November or early December to avoid, that the Mince Pies get bad:) but Plumpudding or Christmas Pudding can be made in advance like I learned). 

Patisse - Stamp Gingerbread Man*, Depot Rosegold Cutters, Old Moon Cookie Cutter

Gingerbread or like every Austrian/German would say "Lebkuchen" is one of the fav' cookies during the time, it isn't the same like baked in Sweden and Norway or Danmark, it's bit different consistency/texture, spice and at the end completely different type of gingerbread.

Recipe for traditional Austrian/German "Lebkuchen" gingerbread dough (16 portion/2-3 baking sheets):

200g Butter
950g spelt flour 
8 Eggs (medium)
1000g Honey (forest honey, any kind of liquid honey)
60g Gingerbread spice
40g Natron
250g rye flour

Nürnberg is a traditional and historical place in Germany, where "Lebkuchen" has been made since over 500 years. In Czech you've Pardubice, where the gingbread is similar to the German version but a bit different in spices again (so you see it depends on location and the tradition of each country).

Basically I've been baking a simple old version of gingerbread, which is used to be baked here in Austria, I've tried different kind of as I love gingerbread (my mum not, she really would avoid coming home, while I'm baking 'cause she didn't even like the scent:)).

If you use like me 3-4 different shapes, decor it with egg white sugar glaze and some golden pearls, you can create lovely treats for this holiday season. Patisse has a huge selection of different cutters too:)