Friday, 28 October 2016

ZARA - Leather Col. "GARDENIA" Eau de Parfum

Hi everyone,

I've been wearing and trying out a lot of different scents from Zara since a long time. This year they created a leather collection, which creates an unique bottle design as well as the scents should be very flower, feminine inspired. "Gardenia" is a scent, which is infused with bergamote, jasmine flower, vanilla and slightly powdery - but it doesn't last the whole day long strong (I had to use it twice/3 times per day, to ensure to be visible all day long).

The packaging is pretty cool with the leather print as well as modern letters. 

The perfumes by Zara are usually made in Spain, and Spain has an incredible amount of perfume manufacturers, which create highend- as well as highquality scents.

I would recommend the "Gardenia" Eau de Parfum by Zara to ages from 16-30 who like soft flower notes with a light touch of spice, as well as who prefer non-lasting heavy scents.


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