Saturday, 22 October 2016

UPPER AUSTRIA HIKING - Steyregg/Holzwinden/Pfenningberg/Pulgarn

Hi guys,

I've been hiking a week ago with my brother and some friends and I did 30km! (wohooo for myself, as I'm too lazy to do it again:)). I grew up in Upper Austria and knew the villages near Linz already but the hike showed me much more, not just nature and beautiful landscapes, but as well lovely animals:

So if you are from Upper Austria, or planning a trip there or if you are from far away just taking a week in Vienna, just take the train or car and come to Steyregg walk/hike 30km that way through Pulgarn and up to Pfenningberg - it is worth to see all the nature!;)


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  1. Beautiful!