Friday, 21 October 2016


Hi everyone,

Winter isn't far away (oh I'm freezing already sometimes, as the weather outside is really late autumn weather, if you know what I mean) and Cranberries are the seasonal fruit for all kind of baked dishes. Basically you can buy them dry, fresh or preserved in fancy glass jars. They are full of vitamins and great as decoration on cakes like my gingerbread white choc' cranberry cake:

I've used for my cake the Revol 1768 Porcelain Cake Tin*, which I recently got (thanks a lot:)) and it is basically the traditional form for all kind of: sponge-/cheese-/biscuitcakes.

It comes in a lovely package and just perfect as a christmas gift too!;) As it's made of porcelain it's absolutely natural and healthy for baking all kind of baked goods in it, and the houndstooth pattern on the bottom makes each bisquit even more special.


1-2 cups white chocolate (better quality makes an even better result!)
1-2 hand full dried cranberries (the decoration)
1 pack of gingerbread cake mix (for the lazy ones:)) I usually use the one from Dr. Oetker
Or use your secret gingerbread cake recipe, it's NOT a gingerbread cookie texture it's a fluffy cake with the spices you would usually find in a gingerbread but the cake itself is more a sponge cake.

I really love to bake and with the bakeware from Revol 1768 it's a touch of highend home baking feeling. As the porcelain cook-/bakeware in the nice white shade can also be displayed in on your kitchen sideboard, as it's so nice shaped, lovely made in detail and each of the pieces are just something special!

How 'bout you? Do you use more a gingerbread cake mix or do you have a special recipe?


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