Saturday, 1 October 2016

MAX FACTOR - Autumn 1957*

Hi guys,

I've been trying out again some of my fav' brand Max Factor products the last month and fall in love with one of their latest eye shadow palettes created for fairy/light skin toned girls like me;) As the Autumn has finally arrived some days ago, I though to try a makeup with Max Factor's "Marilyn Sunset Red" lipstick* and totally trie to create a makeup like in the late 40s as well as 50s:

The Nude palette* allows you, to create a light smoky eye look, a day makeup as well as a soft shiny eyemakeup.

For the foundation I've used the Soft Resistant Make Up, which I've been already using so so often in the past (since I've been 18 I guess;)). It's a really good makeup, it gives you the right coverage and doesn't look like a bold something on your face.

For my eyes I've also used another eyeshade the Max Factor Wild Shadow Pot* in the shade "107 Burnt Bark", which I've not used for a while due to, that during summer I had the copper/bronze look instead of earthy tones. Also used the Max Factor blush* in the shade "221 Classic Pink" and the Max Factor Voluptuous False Mascara*.

Looks at those shades:

I really love the finish with the red orange lipstick, which creates a juicy autumn look;)

How you think about that look? Did you tried to create such a looks as well?