Friday, 21 October 2016

MANHATTAN - OH MY GLOSS! (500 Mon Cherry)*

Hi guys,

I've received recently one of the latest Oh My Gloss! lip glosses by Rita Ora* in the vibrant red/berry shade "500 Mon Cherry". It contains argan oil and vitamin E, the color isn't too dark or too covering. It's more the "translucent wet" formula, which gives your lips a light/middle covering.


The shade "500 Mon Cherry" suits light to middle dark skin tone at most, as it's not fully covering, it wouldn't really be visible on very dark shades. For all darker girls I would decided to grab the shade "130 Beige Babe" or "160 Pretty Pink" which would give a lovely finish.

I've tried this Oh My Gloss!* few times, and it will stay in my lip makeup collection, but it's not a fav' lip gloss, as to be honest I really prefer lipsticks or tinted lipbalms/lipstains more than glosses. But it is definitely a step forward as it contains vitamins and nutrition for your lip skin - which is in a kind an innovation:)

Are you more a lip gloss or lipstick person?


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