Thursday, 27 October 2016


Hi guys,

Halloween is round the corner (just 4 days left!) therefore I though to show you today a simple, easy peasy and healthy smoothie recipe, which makes a perfect drink for each thirsty ghost, witch, spiderman and co.:

But why not? Why we should use a boring glass/jar, if we can use such creepy jars like the skull jar from Depot (here), which I saw last weekend in one of our local malls and though, that it would really be perfect to use for this recipe.

Ingredients (to fill the empty skull):

1/2 half cup frozen red/white grapes
1/2 half cup frozen mango
1/2 half cup frozen  raspberries
1/2 half cup frozen nectarines

It can be served as the main drink on a child halloween party or as a non-alcoholic beverage on the evening of Halloween.


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