Sunday, 30 October 2016

Halloween - Spiderwoman vs. Ewok Makeup

Hi everyone,

tomorrow is the day, the day of ghosts, witches, spiders, spooky masks and sweets - as it's Halloween. But it's not just pumpkin carving, spooky decoration and long movie nights with a bunch of sweets or an Halloween party - it's the night before All Saints' Day.

But as most of you search for different makeup ideas, I tried one on myself last week, just in case, that if I would ever go for a Halloween trip out with friends, or visit a party, should I really come as a mixture of Spiderwoman and Ewok?!:

It's easy peasy (which I first didn't though, 'cause I'm NOT a makeup artist at all!;))


Alright, I know it's not perfect, it's more "homestyle" Halloween face paint. BUT try it guys, if you want to go creatively crazy tomorrow, just paint your face how you like!


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