Sunday, 30 October 2016


Hi guys,

as November isn't far away, we all plan already great recipes for the next autumn weekends (like me - as I'm using baking as a stress absorbing thing:)), for Thanksgiving (like most of you in Britain or US), plan great fall evenings with friends and family on chilly evenings and maybe this recipe for no-bake Spekulatius cheesecake cups:

Bahlsen Spekulatius Almond* will create the perfect crust for the no-bake mini cheesecake cups.

1. They are really soft to crumble them by hand or simply use a plastic bag and crush it with meat tenderiser. 2. Just add melted butter and mix it until well blended.


1-2 tablespoons of melted butter (for the Spekulatius crust)
1 tsp. grounded cinnamon
dash of salt
1-2 tsp. honey
1 organic lemon - using the lemon peel (shouldn't be chemically treated therefore look on the label, if you can or can't use the peel!)
1 pack of Quimik (I've used the one, which has Vanilla flavour)
approx. 132g of Philadelphia Classic Cream Cheese 

After you made the Spekulatius crust, filled in paper cupcake cups (you can of course use also metallic cups, if you prefer) you begin with the cheesecake filling:

Blend the cream cheese with Quimik, lemon peel, dash salt and honey well, until you reach a creamy cheesecake texture. After that you simply fill it into each cupcake cup and decorate with a broken part of Bahlsen Spekulatius Almond*:

After that you simply put it into the fridge for approx. 5-6 hours and let it chill instead of baking:)

It's a delicious little treat, which will make each coffee/tea time at home to a special occasion during autumn/winter seasons:)


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