Sunday, 30 October 2016


Hi guys,

as November isn't far away, we all plan already great recipes for the next autumn weekends (like me - as I'm using baking as a stress absorbing thing:)), for Thanksgiving (like most of you in Britain or US), plan great fall evenings with friends and family on chilly evenings and maybe this recipe for no-bake Spekulatius cheesecake cups:

Bahlsen Spekulatius Almond* will create the perfect crust for the no-bake mini cheesecake cups.

1. They are really soft to crumble them by hand or simply use a plastic bag and crush it with meat tenderiser. 2. Just add melted butter and mix it until well blended.


1-2 tablespoons of melted butter (for the Spekulatius crust)
1 tsp. grounded cinnamon
dash of salt
1-2 tsp. honey
1 organic lemon - using the lemon peel (shouldn't be chemically treated therefore look on the label, if you can or can't use the peel!)
1 pack of Quimik (I've used the one, which has Vanilla flavour)
approx. 132g of Philadelphia Classic Cream Cheese 

After you made the Spekulatius crust, filled in paper cupcake cups (you can of course use also metallic cups, if you prefer) you begin with the cheesecake filling:

Blend the cream cheese with Quimik, lemon peel, dash salt and honey well, until you reach a creamy cheesecake texture. After that you simply fill it into each cupcake cup and decorate with a broken part of Bahlsen Spekulatius Almond*:

After that you simply put it into the fridge for approx. 5-6 hours and let it chill instead of baking:)

It's a delicious little treat, which will make each coffee/tea time at home to a special occasion during autumn/winter seasons:)


Halloween - Spiderwoman vs. Ewok Makeup

Hi everyone,

tomorrow is the day, the day of ghosts, witches, spiders, spooky masks and sweets - as it's Halloween. But it's not just pumpkin carving, spooky decoration and long movie nights with a bunch of sweets or an Halloween party - it's the night before All Saints' Day.

But as most of you search for different makeup ideas, I tried one on myself last week, just in case, that if I would ever go for a Halloween trip out with friends, or visit a party, should I really come as a mixture of Spiderwoman and Ewok?!:

It's easy peasy (which I first didn't though, 'cause I'm NOT a makeup artist at all!;))


Alright, I know it's not perfect, it's more "homestyle" Halloween face paint. BUT try it guys, if you want to go creatively crazy tomorrow, just paint your face how you like!


Friday, 28 October 2016


Hi everyone,

these days I like to wear more natural, non-heavy makeup. The "Miracle Touch" foundation* has just the right portion of coverage and stays on the right place all day long:

I'm truly not much using just:

Max Factor "Miracle Touch Foundation"* (in the lightest shade here available "50 Natural")
an eyebrow pencil/wet eyeshadow in the same brown shade as my brows
a mascara (prefer black waterproof, like Max Factor "Voluptuous False Lash Effect Mascara"*)
a face powder in "Translucent" or "Ivory" (I'm using: Max Factor "Loose Powder"*)

I really like the creamy texture of this smooth "Miracle Touch" foundation*, but I don't really like the sponge,which is included, as I think after 4-5 times using you  need to clean it up or use another one, due to avoiding skin irritations and pimples.

How you find the "Miracle Touch" foundation? Suits it your skin type as well as how you find the coverage?



Hi guys,

it's not Spring, it's almost November but I love to wear Pink/Rose/Coral shades even if it's not Summer or Spring, so why not try a warm Pink like the Soft Rouge Lipstick* in the shade "720 Bubble Gum" by Manhattan:

The shade reminds me strong on the 60s era, where all had almost platin or "vanilla" blonde hair and wear blue eyeshadow with black eyelines. A great "space pink" allthough:)

Manhattan created 14 different Soft Rouge Lipstick* shades from pink to coral from coral to red from red to purple.


ZARA - Leather Col. "GARDENIA" Eau de Parfum

Hi everyone,

I've been wearing and trying out a lot of different scents from Zara since a long time. This year they created a leather collection, which creates an unique bottle design as well as the scents should be very flower, feminine inspired. "Gardenia" is a scent, which is infused with bergamote, jasmine flower, vanilla and slightly powdery - but it doesn't last the whole day long strong (I had to use it twice/3 times per day, to ensure to be visible all day long).

The packaging is pretty cool with the leather print as well as modern letters. 

The perfumes by Zara are usually made in Spain, and Spain has an incredible amount of perfume manufacturers, which create highend- as well as highquality scents.

I would recommend the "Gardenia" Eau de Parfum by Zara to ages from 16-30 who like soft flower notes with a light touch of spice, as well as who prefer non-lasting heavy scents.


Thursday, 27 October 2016


Hi guys,

Halloween is round the corner (just 4 days left!) therefore I though to show you today a simple, easy peasy and healthy smoothie recipe, which makes a perfect drink for each thirsty ghost, witch, spiderman and co.:

But why not? Why we should use a boring glass/jar, if we can use such creepy jars like the skull jar from Depot (here), which I saw last weekend in one of our local malls and though, that it would really be perfect to use for this recipe.

Ingredients (to fill the empty skull):

1/2 half cup frozen red/white grapes
1/2 half cup frozen mango
1/2 half cup frozen  raspberries
1/2 half cup frozen nectarines

It can be served as the main drink on a child halloween party or as a non-alcoholic beverage on the evening of Halloween.



Hi everyone,

the last days aren't cold, like one week before, but it is truly visible and you can feel, that the weather is truly Autumn style. I've been wearing a Holly & Whyte dress during our last walk in our neighbourhood and I felt in love with the texture, pattern and vintage style of the patterned viscose dress itself.

Holly & Whyte creates such vintage inspired patterned fashion pieces, which are suitable for each body type/skin type - just perfect for everyone, who likes a bit retro and classic style!