Sunday, 25 September 2016


Hi guys,

I've been today in the recently opened Hamleys toystore in Prague and yep you hear right:) I've been visiting in the past FAO (the big traditional toy store in NYC, which has been closed sadly) and also the big Toys'R'us on times square and the Hamley's is quite magical too!:


It's an incredible atmosphere inside, you can even see sparkles in other adults eyes:) It's not just a usual toystore for kids, it creates memories and miracles for us all too! Thank you Hamleys for excisting!:)


Sunday, 4 September 2016

DEJVICE - Ronald Reagan Street and local

Hi everyone,

I've been the last weekend more often outside, escaping Prague's loveliest places as well as enjoying the sun (as this week was pretty rainy, I though to show you some pic's from last weekend;)):

If you are going from the underground/tram Station Hracanska in direction Pelleova street, where you cross the Pod Kastany crossroad and follow straight ahead the Pelleova street, you will reach on the left side Ronald Reagan's street, where the american residence is located. It is a beautiful building from the 19th century. 

Most buildings in Dejvice are historical as well as there are a lot more embassy stations from all over the world and residences located not just this one. It's a lovely walk down the road as well as across the district, to be honest without doubt I really love Dejvice and Vinohrady. They are both my favorite districts in whole Prague!

But of course you see a lot damaged, under construction or left houses, which needs to be repaired, to get their beauty back.

The buildings, houses and homes have a charme, which you can't see everywhere in Prague. It's a district full of different architecture, culture and living atmosphere. If you are from or currently in Prague, visit this lovely place and enjoy the different corners;)!



Hi everyone,

last week I've got a lovely package from Labello, which contained this lovely palette of limited edition Labello Original lip balms in the latest neon look* (which lights in UV-light!:)):

The formula of Labello's Original lip balm* contains panthenol and creamy shea butter, which gives your lips over 12h perfect moisture;) 

Especially the neon pink shade has totally won my heart!:

 Labello Original NEON Col.* - 4,8 g ca. 1,99 €/each balm  from September 2016 for limited time

So no matter whether you go out, have a boring day at school or need some more color in your working life;) - these funky Labello Neon Col.* will pimp up each makeup bag!:)