Sunday, 28 August 2016


Hi everyone,

I'm a tea drinker, since I've lived in the UK I've tried a lot different tea brands, tea alternatives as well as I've drunk a time coffee, but skipped really fast back to drinking tea (the healthier drink;)). Since a month and a week I'm drinking the tea range called "Sweeteas" by Teekanne, which I've been excited to show and review for you:

The whole Sweeteas* collection contains: Strawberry Cheesecake*, Blueberry Muffin*, Lemon Cake* and Caramel Apple Pie*. All four tea flavours are sweetened with Stevia and have ZERO calories! (but taste badly good after the original desserts/cakes;)).

As I'll review all 4 seperately in another 4 posts, I just would like to mention, that these teas are available in every good stored supermarket/grocery or in Müller drugstores or online (here).


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