Sunday, 28 August 2016


Hi everyone,

the last few months I've been using products, which are here in Czech typically to use, but during my time in the UK I've been using most of the time these products, to keep my laundry and toilet clean (weird to combine these two completely different products together;)):

I've used the BIO Active Stain Removal Super Concentrated Liquid, which gave all of my clothes a lovely fresh scent, and it really last long!

Well maybe I've trusted, that it would make my clothes cleaner as well as fresher due to the Good Housekeeping Institute award (for someone who's not really a housewife like me;)).

The 2nd product has been my alltime used bathroom cleaner with antibacterial power from faith in nature, which I used to buy at one of the local Whole Foods markets in London/UK.

It is a great nature friendly cleaner, vegan and cruelty free - what more you would like to get from a bathroom cleaner?!;)

So these two products really have helped me to keep it a bit tidy, even if I'm more a messy bunny;)

What are your fav' cleaning products from the UK?!


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