Monday, 25 July 2016


Hi everyone,

I've been the last days back at home, to enjoy some of the really warm sunny days in Austria, and as I'm not a kid' who's sitting all the time at home, I've been glad, that my sister has arranged a trip to Grünau, where we visited one of the biggest wildparks in Austria - Cumberland:

The bear wasn't sad at all, I think he was just VERY tired, it was a very hot day approx. 33 celsius degrees, therefore don't wonder, I'd sweat myself to dead with such a furry coat like he has;)

I've really enjoyed the wildpark in Grünau in the heart of Salzkammergut, it isn't just the wild animals you can visit and even become a godparent but also the fresh and clear water, which you can see all over and there is also a river near the park itself, which has turquoise/mint blue clear water - magical!;)

Even if my nephew desroyed my pic';) - he loved the park so much, especially the water, well he has the same starsign like me, maybe therefore he likes water, as we are fire signs;)


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