Monday, 25 July 2016


Hi everyone,

I've been the last days back at home, to enjoy some of the really warm sunny days in Austria, and as I'm not a kid' who's sitting all the time at home, I've been glad, that my sister has arranged a trip to Grünau, where we visited one of the biggest wildparks in Austria - Cumberland:

The bear wasn't sad at all, I think he was just VERY tired, it was a very hot day approx. 33 celsius degrees, therefore don't wonder, I'd sweat myself to dead with such a furry coat like he has;)

I've really enjoyed the wildpark in Grünau in the heart of Salzkammergut, it isn't just the wild animals you can visit and even become a godparent but also the fresh and clear water, which you can see all over and there is also a river near the park itself, which has turquoise/mint blue clear water - magical!;)

Even if my nephew desroyed my pic';) - he loved the park so much, especially the water, well he has the same starsign like me, maybe therefore he likes water, as we are fire signs;)


Sunday, 17 July 2016


Hi everyone,

let us talk about socks, are you wearing socks often or are you a person like me who isn't wearing really any type of socks during the summer months?!

Tchibo - Maritime Socks 5pack*

Well recently I got a lovely pack of different patterned socks from Tchibo, which all have a maritime theme on it:

So I would say, the shades, pattern and length is absolutely perfect for chilly nights out or even during comfy days at home, well I will start to wear them more often, as you know that if you walk all the time barefoot your skin gets a bit dry and the softness gets lost. Therefore such cute patterns could change my mind and I will try to wear socks more often!;)

How about you? Do you wear socks during summer?!


Friday, 15 July 2016


Hi guys,

this summer I'm using quite a lot these little eau de toilette roll-ons, which I can pack easily into my handbag:

The cute little glass bottles with the roll-on application, perfect for travelling as well!

The Summer Edition is really a fresh citrus scent, great after workouts, on the beach or just for all citrus lovers;) Freesia & Vanilla is more a kind of powder scent with a sweet and spicy note - a really elegant scent, great for dates!

ZARA isn't just my favorite place for clothes/accessoires, the range of their own perfumes/eau de toilettes also always changes (except some stay for almost ever in the range) and they are high-quality for less money!;)

What's your fav' scent from Zara?


Thursday, 14 July 2016


Hi guys,

1-2 weeks ago (can barely remember;)) I've been at home and have tried out and worn on my day out with mum the lovely new white shirt with small little cute navy boats on it:

White shirt with little navy boats (Tchibo)*, white shorts (Bershka), real leather black flats (Bata)

The feminine shape of the shirt as well as the lovely cute little boat pattern, brings just the perfect holiday mood, no matter where you are!;) Thanks a lot to all people who designed at Tchibo such a lovely piece;)!


Sunday, 10 July 2016


Hi guys,

I'm a Summer person, even if I was born during Spring - I prefer definitely the summertime;) Perfect for walks through local parks, on beaches or for a nice day out - the "Maritime Stripes" ootd:

Tchibo - Striped Shirt* , H&M shorts (kids section), Bata real leather black flats

I really like the cut design on both sides, it is a very comfortable shirt, perfect for each day!;)


Tuesday, 5 July 2016


Hi guys,

recently I got a lovely pack from Susanne/Manasimakeup directly from Stockholm;) It's the Lyster Cream Bronzer*, which creates light to middle dark sunkissed tan on your cheekbones and forehead:

Well it could be used also on your neck, to highlight your nose area or even to give a light tan to your decollete.

I really do like the light sweet scent of the product, maybe it's the mixture of the ingredients inside:

apricot kernel oil, tangerine peel extract and beeswax

 Manasimakeup - Lyster Cream Bronzer*

I love makeup, which doesn't look like a paint on my face;) As more natural the makeup is, as more you look authentically you!;)


Sunday, 3 July 2016


Hi guys,

the week before the International Film Festival has started, I've visited with a friend Karlovy Vary/Carlsbad the first time and need to say, that the old part of the town is magical and historical and full of good healing water springs!;)


Carlsbad is well known as a spa town, people from all over Czech Republic but as well Germany, Russia and other neighbor countries are each year booking a vacation or thermal spa stay in this old town near Prague.

The water tastes at each place (more than 10 are open for public in the whole town!)  a bit different, depends on the quantity of minerals, vitamines as well as oxygen.

It's a lovely town, to stay for a day, a week  (at one of the local spa's) or during your roadtrip through Czech;)