Sunday, 12 June 2016

SEBAMED - Moisturizing Cream*

Hi everyone,

I've been testing a whole bunch of Sebamed products in the last 2 months and most of them I've already tried out daily and need to tell you - I'm pretty much in love with the Moisturizing cream with 2% vitamin E:

It is a facial cream, which can be used as well on your elbows (which maybe sounds weird, but it helps to reduce the dryness on your arms maybe faster than other creams!) and it's totally sensitive to skin, which tends to get red or allergic.


Sebamed has created the Moisturizing Cream* to protect the facial skin against premature aging and prevention of wrinkles and fine lines. This cream is really soft, non-irritating and lightly perfumed (with a fresh scent).

I would suggest to use this cream, if you have very sensitive or dry skin and if you are already 18+.


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