Sunday, 12 June 2016


Hi guys,

now a bit for all hungry healthy bunnies of you;) Well as I'm mostly vegetarian/part-time pescatarian (sometimes I eat Fish but NO meat!) I do eat most of the time vegetable, raw fruits/veggies and different kind of peas, therefore Falafel is a lovely dish in combination with fresh pepper, salad, corn or just simply alone with a nice guacamole dip:

Alnatura has created a great mix to make the delicious Falafel, which some of you maybe know from different falafel stands or restaurants. And the best part, it's sooooo easy!


 56% chickpeas , 35% chickpea flour, onion, sea salt, parsley, coriander, cumin, white pepper, garlic powder

A nice snack or even a meal, perfect for picnic's as well as during warm sunny evenings outside or inside while watching the UEFA football games right now:)!



  1. Oh very interesting product!

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