Saturday, 2 April 2016


Hi guys,

the last weeks I've tried some different flavoured, branded and kinds of instant porridges. As I've already reviewed one of Semix instant porridges here on my blog (here) I though to show you another from the whole Semix collection called "Vanilla Oat Porridge":



oat flakes 83 %, dry skimmed milk, sugar, brown sugar, sea salt, flavour, vanilla bean 0,1%

It contains real vanilla, 50% less sugar and contains no chemical/fake sugar like I call all artificial sweeteners (like: aspartame). They AREN'T good for you, believe me!

I would say, comparing both Semix instant porridges I tried, that I prefer this one, it's less sweet, it contains vanilla and it's just more my kinda fav' porridge flavour!;)


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