Thursday, 28 April 2016

MAX FACTOR - VOLUPTUOUS false lash mascara*

Hi everyone,

long ago, I know, no comments;) Well today I'd like to write a bit about this little makeup treat I've been using over the last month, Max Factor's Voluptuous false lash mascara* (the pop-up of your own long lashes!;)):

It has a thick, synthetical brush, which doesn't smudges too much at least you are trying to make a good looking smudgy eye look;) Well it's definitely not a mascara* for makeup beginners, but for advanced or even makeup gurus it's quite a priceable and good mascara at all!

I really like black mascaras, they are classic, timeless and makes even light blue eyes even more blue!

If you are looking for a new mascara, type of brush or even like to try out the latest products by Max Factor - go for this babe!;)


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