Saturday, 2 April 2016


Hi everyone,

Spring, the time where Summer isn't far away/where all of us start to use a proper shave routine again (or maybe just me;))/where we begin to use some more body moisturizers after sun bath etc..

Alverde created a lovely oil treatment for your whole body (tried it even on my face and felt great, without breaking out;)):

It's called "Beauty Oil" and contains 5 intensive care oils: organic argan-/amaranth-/olive-/marula-/wine seed oil. Great for each skin type, even the oily skin types (as my facial skin doesn't break out, like mentioned before, on the t-zone!).


I would highly recommend this body oil treatment, as it's from the natural cosmetics range and affordable, even for a student!;)

You'll find Alverde products like this great product in each dm drugstore!


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