Saturday, 30 April 2016

Intimissimi LOVES Santorini*

Hi guys,

Summer isn't far away, we all dream about hot warm nights outside the pool, walk on the beach or escaping new towns and cities all over the world - therefore I have been sooo excited about the latest Intimissimi Loves Santorini Col.:


Short-Sleeve Open Top with Print Detail




I really really like these blue white prints, reminds me on old vintage china tea mugs and I really love the 2nd lingerie set - it's so sexy sailor like!;)

 (non-paid PR post , BBPR, Intimissimi)

Rimmel - 100 WOKE UP LIKE THIS

Hi guys,

I've been recently refilling my lipstick collection with some lipsticks and would like to show you my latest lipsticks in the next days, let's begin with the fantastic pastel rose shade 100 from Rimmel called "Woke Up Like This":

It's a typical 50s pink shade these shades where worn between 1958-1964 so perfect for each retro fan of you too;)

Woops typically I wrote the no. wrong!;) At least the shade is TRULY Rimmel's "Woke Up Like This";)


Hand Review:

How 'bout you? Did you found your perfect rose shade yet?;)


Thursday, 28 April 2016

MAX FACTOR - VOLUPTUOUS false lash mascara*

Hi everyone,

long ago, I know, no comments;) Well today I'd like to write a bit about this little makeup treat I've been using over the last month, Max Factor's Voluptuous false lash mascara* (the pop-up of your own long lashes!;)):

It has a thick, synthetical brush, which doesn't smudges too much at least you are trying to make a good looking smudgy eye look;) Well it's definitely not a mascara* for makeup beginners, but for advanced or even makeup gurus it's quite a priceable and good mascara at all!

I really like black mascaras, they are classic, timeless and makes even light blue eyes even more blue!

If you are looking for a new mascara, type of brush or even like to try out the latest products by Max Factor - go for this babe!;)


Sunday, 17 April 2016


Hi everyone,

the last month I'm completely in LOVE (really! not just said, 'cause I got it for this review, I do really love the scent!) with "Live Irresisitible" Eau de Toilette:

Not just because the bottle reminds me on vintage glass bottles, nice sunny swimming pool days in LA or 50s pink bathroom accessoires, but as well the powdery sweet scent of pear, juicy raspberries, fresh pink roses and wooden notes.

The scent is perfect for all of you, between 20s, 30s. It is youthful, fresh and feminine. A perfect scent for a great date, the perfect gift for your anniversary or even graduation;)

I've been impressed about the long-term scent on my skin after applying in the morning and still smelling it after some couple hours, which isn't really typical for Eau de Toilettes. As they are usually lighter and fast fading scents in compare to real Eau de Parfums.

40ml - 61,99€ / 75ml - 95,99€* Marionnaud

Live Irresistible by Givenchy won my heart as it reminds me like mentioned above so many different decades from 50s until the late 70s, where you could buy a lot kinda same scents and such nice bottles like this printed high-end glass bottle!

Did you've already tried or seen Givenchy Live Irresistible Eau de Toilette?


Sunday, 3 April 2016


Hi my lovely readers,

the last time I have shown you and wrote some lines about de'bees signature balms (here) for hands/face/breathe and today I'd like to show you 2 of their beeswax lip balms:

I just love the simplicity of the packaging, and most of all the natural ingredients, which makes EACH product worth it to try;)! But honestly I prefer the citrus lip balm*, as it smells like fresh tangerines, like in Spain;)


Did you've ever tried out the natural signature lip balms by de'bee?


Saturday, 2 April 2016


Hi everyone,

Spring, the time where Summer isn't far away/where all of us start to use a proper shave routine again (or maybe just me;))/where we begin to use some more body moisturizers after sun bath etc..

Alverde created a lovely oil treatment for your whole body (tried it even on my face and felt great, without breaking out;)):

It's called "Beauty Oil" and contains 5 intensive care oils: organic argan-/amaranth-/olive-/marula-/wine seed oil. Great for each skin type, even the oily skin types (as my facial skin doesn't break out, like mentioned before, on the t-zone!).


I would highly recommend this body oil treatment, as it's from the natural cosmetics range and affordable, even for a student!;)

You'll find Alverde products like this great product in each dm drugstore!



Hi guys,

the last weeks I've tried some different flavoured, branded and kinds of instant porridges. As I've already reviewed one of Semix instant porridges here on my blog (here) I though to show you another from the whole Semix collection called "Vanilla Oat Porridge":



oat flakes 83 %, dry skimmed milk, sugar, brown sugar, sea salt, flavour, vanilla bean 0,1%

It contains real vanilla, 50% less sugar and contains no chemical/fake sugar like I call all artificial sweeteners (like: aspartame). They AREN'T good for you, believe me!

I would say, comparing both Semix instant porridges I tried, that I prefer this one, it's less sweet, it contains vanilla and it's just more my kinda fav' porridge flavour!;)