Sunday, 20 March 2016


Hi everyone,

there are different types of relaxation and filling your energy batterie - your soul! and there are lots of us who get energy from walking through the forest, looking into green, into fire or some who loves to sit by the sea watching the different waves, the magical sparkling water and the smell of salt in the air.

It's NOT about holidays, not about which type of star sign you are! It's more about whether you are more energized after sitting 10min. by the sea or after a walk through the park/forest or sitting by the fire.

I'm Aries, which means I'm a fire star sign and I'm 100% an Aries BUT to sit by the sea gives me so much strength and inspiration much more than to look into fire or sit by a fireplace - well it's comfy and nice during christmas to sit by the fire BUT it doesn't give me any kind of energy at all.

So what I learned during my different travel roads, holidays, that I will need to find a place in the future, which will satisfy me - near a sea or lake, well ehm, I need the waves so sea;)

For now, I'll soak as much as I can energy on holidays, trips to a sea place to tank enough energy for the next months - where I need as much as possible inspirations.

This post should be a reminder for myself as well as for all of you / for you of what I or you really need in my/your life, to be happy, get energy and what makes us all stronger!


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