Saturday, 12 March 2016


Hi everyone,

after two weeks, I finally got time to make some posts again, like I said 100 times before - AGAIN, AGAIN and AGAIN I didn't forgot you ma' friends...

...I'm just too busy or better described - I wanna enjoy my life more not sitting at home, on the couch, by the window or even to write stuff without any idea in my mind.

As we're almost in middle of spring, the weather in Prague is still cloudy and sometimes cold, my facial skin becomes more and more dry.

Therefore I've looked for a good moisturizing cream, that keeps my skin hydrated but I'm also drinking over 2 liters tea a day (mostly tea - NOT black tea, ehm except one cup maybe;)).

While one of my last drugstore visits, ehm last month ago, I've finally found a good solution, the Carlsbad facial moisturizer:

This hydrating cream from Vřídlo is great for each type of skin, includes thermal water, all their products are traditionally made since 1954!;)

It's really great to use this cream during spring season and beginning of summer, it's not an ultra hydrating cream, more in the middle of hydration and nutrition so that's why you can use it during January/February and during colder days.

My skin feels definitely more hydrated and not so itchy like before, as you know (who follow me already for years;)) I've quite sensitive and red-ish skin so it's good to have a good cream by hand, if I feel dry than normally;)

You can buy this moisturizing face cream in Carlsbad, in one of the Rossmann drugstores in CZ or in different other small drugstores all over Czech;)


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