Sunday, 20 March 2016


Hi my beloved readers,

I forgot to mention, that I will call all my facial care posts, which are focused on one item - FACE ESSENTIALS.

As I think, that it could be a very nice collection of different products, I've been using or still use or which I recommend from my heart - as I think, they are great on my skin and could be great for you too!;)

Well let's talk about this eye cream/fluid from Rossmann*, it's there own brand line, which includes organic aloe vera, avocado oil and glacier water from the Swiss Alps (if that doesn't sounds posh;)):

It comes in this plastic tube with thin opening at the front, which makes the application under the eye (where the nasty dark circles usually are visible) very easy:

...Whooooops my fault - was a bit too much (don't worry I'm saving so I just took a part for the other eye;))



glacier/cleared water, organic plant glycerine (as it's for Vegans too), organic alcohol, organic soy oil, sunflower oil, polyglycerinester/citric acid, xanthan, olive oil, organic aloe vera extract, organic avocado oil, C10-18 triglyceride, organic parfume, natrium lactate, ph-regulator natrium hydroxide, natural anise acid, rosemary extract, sunflower oil, alcohol, lecithin, vitamine E, ethereal oils

I would recommend this eye fluid* to normal skin types, as it's not too hydrating for dry skin types and it wouldn't be good for oily skins - as the eye cream already contains so much different oils, which could block the oily skin type pores a bit more.

Anyway, this eye fluid is perfect for a weekend trip to the sea, for school facial care routine or as an extra product during your daily facial routine.


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