Sunday, 13 March 2016


Hi everyone,

I've done the last 1-2 years detox weeks during the whole spring as well as 1-2 week during summer, this year I finally found soooo many different teas, specially made for your detox weeks:

Ahmad Tea London detox tea

I really think, that during detoxing weeks I'm even drinking more (as I love teas;)) and that helps me as well to keep myself hydrated. I don't drink much coffee anymore (which is also a good thing;)) just 1 or 2 cups a week and also think that I can concentrate much better on work or other important things.

Ingredients in all teas I've tried out:

1. Ahmad Tea - detox tea:

50% fennel, 20% caraway seeds, 20% rosemary and 10% anise

3. Leros Natur - detox tea with cat's claw

20% common dandelion, 18% nettle, 10% rooibos, 10% mint, 10% cinnamon, 5% schizandra, 5% burdock root, 2% curcuma

 4. Neuner's Active Wellness - detox active tea

dandelion herb, lemon grass, nettle, green oat herb, rose hip, ginger, birch leaves, burdock

They all come seperately packed, just the detox tea by Jemča comes without seperate packaging. I can really recommend to make a week or 2-3 weeks a tea detoxing. Today we've also special detox teas like I've once tested the 14-days teatox (here) but you can also buy cheaper versions in your local market.


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