Thursday, 31 March 2016


Hi everyone,

another post about body/facial care, which isn't harsh to your skin! In fact the de bee* balms (one for your face, one for your hands and one for using while having a cold/after a long flight/after fitness) contain beeswax, extra virgin oil and essential oils :

I use since 4-5 days the "Save your face"* unscented de bee beewax signature balm, which comes in a plastic jar and that makes it pretty hard to get some of the balm out of the packaging, but it helps if you use it after you've washed your hands and they are still warm, the heat from your hands helps a bit to melt the balms;) 

The result of my skin is better on some parts, which tend to be usually dry BUT I wouldn't recommend to use it on your whole face! As some of you have a t-zone for sure (me too to be honest;)) and the oily parts should not become more oily as they are already.

While I'm fighting still with dry and eczema hands, the "Hands to Heels"* balm with lavender oil helps to calm the hands a bit down, it's a scent which also helps to relax myself a bit (that helps in fact my hands, as eczema doesn't break out so often, if you don't have any stress!).

de bee has a great range of different beeswax signature balms, even lip balms (I'm trying some of them too - so keep reading my blog;)) and as they are focusing more on the high-quality ingredients and natural formulas of different products, they keep the packaging as simple as possible in a translucent jar or stick with a white closing and a modern logo/print.

The "Breathe Easy"* balm contains myrrh and eucalyptus, which is perfect for all who have a cold, flu, running nose, allergy - with running nose (but of course not a myrrh or eucalyptus allergy;)) and for a good sleep after a long travel/flight/walk.

I'm already fascinated especially about the "Save your face"* balm;)! 



Hi guys,

I've recently got a lovely red-orange shade from the latest Max Factor "Marilyn Monroe" lipstick col.* in the shade: "Sunset Red"*:



I love this shade;) It looks sooo healthy with a bit bronzed skin!

How about you? What's your fav' red shade from the latest Marylin Monroe collection?;)


Sunday, 20 March 2016


Hi everyone,

there are different types of relaxation and filling your energy batterie - your soul! and there are lots of us who get energy from walking through the forest, looking into green, into fire or some who loves to sit by the sea watching the different waves, the magical sparkling water and the smell of salt in the air.

It's NOT about holidays, not about which type of star sign you are! It's more about whether you are more energized after sitting 10min. by the sea or after a walk through the park/forest or sitting by the fire.

I'm Aries, which means I'm a fire star sign and I'm 100% an Aries BUT to sit by the sea gives me so much strength and inspiration much more than to look into fire or sit by a fireplace - well it's comfy and nice during christmas to sit by the fire BUT it doesn't give me any kind of energy at all.

So what I learned during my different travel roads, holidays, that I will need to find a place in the future, which will satisfy me - near a sea or lake, well ehm, I need the waves so sea;)

For now, I'll soak as much as I can energy on holidays, trips to a sea place to tank enough energy for the next months - where I need as much as possible inspirations.

This post should be a reminder for myself as well as for all of you / for you of what I or you really need in my/your life, to be happy, get energy and what makes us all stronger!



Hi my beloved readers,

I forgot to mention, that I will call all my facial care posts, which are focused on one item - FACE ESSENTIALS.

As I think, that it could be a very nice collection of different products, I've been using or still use or which I recommend from my heart - as I think, they are great on my skin and could be great for you too!;)

Well let's talk about this eye cream/fluid from Rossmann*, it's there own brand line, which includes organic aloe vera, avocado oil and glacier water from the Swiss Alps (if that doesn't sounds posh;)):

It comes in this plastic tube with thin opening at the front, which makes the application under the eye (where the nasty dark circles usually are visible) very easy:

...Whooooops my fault - was a bit too much (don't worry I'm saving so I just took a part for the other eye;))



glacier/cleared water, organic plant glycerine (as it's for Vegans too), organic alcohol, organic soy oil, sunflower oil, polyglycerinester/citric acid, xanthan, olive oil, organic aloe vera extract, organic avocado oil, C10-18 triglyceride, organic parfume, natrium lactate, ph-regulator natrium hydroxide, natural anise acid, rosemary extract, sunflower oil, alcohol, lecithin, vitamine E, ethereal oils

I would recommend this eye fluid* to normal skin types, as it's not too hydrating for dry skin types and it wouldn't be good for oily skins - as the eye cream already contains so much different oils, which could block the oily skin type pores a bit more.

Anyway, this eye fluid is perfect for a weekend trip to the sea, for school facial care routine or as an extra product during your daily facial routine.


SEMIX - NATURAL Gluten Free 3-Grain Porridge

Hi friends,

so I've been trying the last 2 days another type of intstant porridge brands called Semix, especially the 3 grain porridge - which is also great for gluten intolerant people. I'm glad, that I can eat any kind of flour and don't have to read every label after gluten. But back to the product itself:

4 seperate paper sachets with 65g of instant porridge, come in a paper packaging, which has a very delicious picture of the ready porridge (which sometimes like we all know, looks in real completely different).

You just simply fill the sachet into your favorite breakfast bowl, add hot water or you can also use milk or milk alternatives like: Almond Milk, Coconut Milk etc. 

The first time I've made a bowl I've been suprised about the texture and very similar end product, like on the picture shown on the packaging itself!;) The only negative I've to say is, that 1 kind of sweetener would be already enough, it's to sweet for my taste. 

I'd recommend this product to gluten intolerant customers, to all of you who like super sweet porridges.

In the next weeks I will try other instant porridges as well from this brand and will let you know, whether maybe just this variation is a bit more sweeter. We will see.


Sunday, 13 March 2016


Hi everyone,

I've done the last 1-2 years detox weeks during the whole spring as well as 1-2 week during summer, this year I finally found soooo many different teas, specially made for your detox weeks:

Ahmad Tea London detox tea

I really think, that during detoxing weeks I'm even drinking more (as I love teas;)) and that helps me as well to keep myself hydrated. I don't drink much coffee anymore (which is also a good thing;)) just 1 or 2 cups a week and also think that I can concentrate much better on work or other important things.

Ingredients in all teas I've tried out:

1. Ahmad Tea - detox tea:

50% fennel, 20% caraway seeds, 20% rosemary and 10% anise

3. Leros Natur - detox tea with cat's claw

20% common dandelion, 18% nettle, 10% rooibos, 10% mint, 10% cinnamon, 5% schizandra, 5% burdock root, 2% curcuma

 4. Neuner's Active Wellness - detox active tea

dandelion herb, lemon grass, nettle, green oat herb, rose hip, ginger, birch leaves, burdock

They all come seperately packed, just the detox tea by Jemča comes without seperate packaging. I can really recommend to make a week or 2-3 weeks a tea detoxing. Today we've also special detox teas like I've once tested the 14-days teatox (here) but you can also buy cheaper versions in your local market.


Saturday, 12 March 2016


Hi guys,

as you maybe already know, I'm a porridge/cereal breakfast type. Since I've started to prepare my instant/non-instant porridges each morning - I've tried to make them different:

Fruits, Nuts, Agave/Maple/Date Syrup, Chocolate, Cinnamon and and and

Recently I've got a sample from KISSA, which is a special Matcha tea for cooking - so what could be better than a traditional bowl of organic czech semolina porridge with a hint of matcha.

What you'll need: 

Instant organic/non-organic semolina porridge 
Milk (semi-skimmed, skimmed milk, goat milk)
Bowl, Spoon

You add the instant semolina in the bowl and just use 1-2 tsp. of Matcha for Cooking* than warm up the milk and blend it carefully together.

This is a quick, nutritious and healthy breakfast idea - great for the next St. Patrick's Day too!;)



Hi everyone,

after two weeks, I finally got time to make some posts again, like I said 100 times before - AGAIN, AGAIN and AGAIN I didn't forgot you ma' friends...

...I'm just too busy or better described - I wanna enjoy my life more not sitting at home, on the couch, by the window or even to write stuff without any idea in my mind.

As we're almost in middle of spring, the weather in Prague is still cloudy and sometimes cold, my facial skin becomes more and more dry.

Therefore I've looked for a good moisturizing cream, that keeps my skin hydrated but I'm also drinking over 2 liters tea a day (mostly tea - NOT black tea, ehm except one cup maybe;)).

While one of my last drugstore visits, ehm last month ago, I've finally found a good solution, the Carlsbad facial moisturizer:

This hydrating cream from Vřídlo is great for each type of skin, includes thermal water, all their products are traditionally made since 1954!;)

It's really great to use this cream during spring season and beginning of summer, it's not an ultra hydrating cream, more in the middle of hydration and nutrition so that's why you can use it during January/February and during colder days.

My skin feels definitely more hydrated and not so itchy like before, as you know (who follow me already for years;)) I've quite sensitive and red-ish skin so it's good to have a good cream by hand, if I feel dry than normally;)

You can buy this moisturizing face cream in Carlsbad, in one of the Rossmann drugstores in CZ or in different other small drugstores all over Czech;)