Wednesday, 10 February 2016

PRAGUE Best COFFEE Places - La Boheme Cafe

Hi everyone,

as I'm currently located in Prague (start to live my life here in the city of my family origin) and try to escape as much as possible and find nice places for a chat and good coffee, you can be sure, that you'll find in the next time some other coffee shop reviews;)

At first I visited during christmas the La Boheme Cafe (which is also located in one of my fav' Prague districts - Vinohrady).

The coffee (I've ordered my fav' of all coffees - a cappucchino) is freshly brewed and made of high-quality coffee beans, including a glass of still water on a silver plate;).

I would highly recommend this lovely place if you're on a trip in Prague, locals or even if you wonder where to go for a good cup of coffee - La Boheme Cafe is one good answer!;)


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