Saturday, 23 January 2016


Hi guys,

during last christmas I received a kinda hamper of Havlík's products and was so positively surprised about the results on my facial skin as well as I'm in love with the clear non-strong scent (if something can ever be non-strong smelling as a natural product).

Organic Czech Cream 30ml - 168Kč, Organic Morning Clearing Mask 50ml - 299Kč

The mask is soooo refreshing after a long night out, after sickness or even when you're just a bit overworked - helps to fade facial redness, to clear pores or to calm down dark circles.

The organic czech cream contains a perfect mix of different herbal ingredients + royal jelly

Ingredients of Czech Cream

Ingredients of the Morning Clearing Mask:

I also can highly recommend to try their hand cream as well as their lip balm - well to be honest, I will try some more products of their whole facial and also hair care line - so wait for my next reviews:)


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