Saturday, 23 January 2016

2016, Blogging, Life etc.

Hi my lovely readers, friends and new readers :),

2016 is nearly one month old, and I've not made a post yet (OMG). Well my life is a bit chaotic right now, as I began to work this month in a completely new environment, got in touch with a lot new faces, planning some more training in my vocals, trying out yoga (hmmmm maybe I could write about that too;)) and and and... life isn't really anymore about spending hours and hours in the tube in London, missing fresh crusty bread from the shop, feeling quiet often alone well as it is unfortunately not anymore about spending hours in Camden, meeting my best friend Ale', meeting or having a chat with my other buddies from my previous work, it's not even having a great homemade falafel, taking the bus to the maybe most romantical place on earth Richmond or having a long summer night walk on the Brighton Pier (even if I'm not sure, whether I'll visit this place at the end of the year again:)).

My life has changed again a bit, and that's good (hope so;)), I'm in touch more with my family again, meeting some great new people, doing what I love (singing, blogging - promise more;), photographing and spending time with thinking about decorating my room / future flat) and to think more again about travelling.

I'm the kind of person, who needs time to time some changes, not always extreme ones but it helps me to grow further, to learn more and more things, exploring our beautiful world and as well to focus on my main goals. Yes I've goals - you should have at least one too - no matter whether it's a small or a bigger one - a plan to grow a rose or to build a house - goals are first plans, steps - which all need to be done by ourself to become the finish result of our goal we set and wish to be reality one day.


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