Sunday, 20 December 2015


Hi everyone,

as we'e almost christmas and it's already the time of eating sweet treats, cookies and other christmas festive traditional food and drinks - I've tried out some Stollen slices from Sainsbury's (and yes that's almost one month ago - during my last days in London!;)):

It's a VERY sweet treat with a coat of icing sugar and marzipan filling - perfect to a cup of milk!;)


Sainsbury's Stollen Slices 200g - £2.50

So if you're one of the persons who don't like to bake or don't have time to bake during the next festive days, than it's time to try these stollen slices;)

Well I'm baking even if I've the shortest time there will be always min. 1h left for some fresh baked goods but to be honest - I've not tried to bake a stollen or stollen slices yet so I just can compare them to the original yummy Dresdner Stollen or other bakery made types - which are better than these but these slices are still better than other supermarket stollen variations I've eaten until yet!


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