Wednesday, 23 December 2015


Hi everyone of you;),

it's winter, christmas in 2 days - we all need more fruits, vegetables before the big great dinner on the 24th night! I started to take last month each day an antioxidant pill to prepare my skin for the next cold days (even if the sun is shining!) and also tried out a new drink called Huck Finn*, which contains a lot of different vitamins and extracts like: 

Huck Finn* is also known as the "Mindrefresher", which isn't seen after the first glass but maybe if you'd drink more during a week.

Well I'm not the biggest fan unfortunately, first of all I LOVE the packaging the 6pack paper box with the vintage black and white design, the glass bottles (Glass bottles are the best!) and the cute label/plastic foil on the glass bottles too.

I just don't like really the taste, the creamy natural white color as well as texture is lovely and reminds me on homemade eggnog, even the scent is unique but nice to smell BUT the taste - I can't I just can't:/

For all of you who like unique flavours, strong flavours with a herb and spicy undertone - this is the PERFECT "Good Morning Drink" for you! No matter before school, work or workout BUT not for all of you who are pregnant or still under 13 - as it contains some ingredients, which aren't as good as for pregnant ladies or kids!

Huck Finn is a great new drink for all Hypsters, young as well as older souls with an adventure soul and also for all other - I've been really positively surprised about the delivery, about the packaging as mentioned above but guys I'm sorry, I'm not really a Huck Finn lover at all but it was worth to try this beverage out!;)


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