Sunday, 6 December 2015


Hi everyone,

I'm back, well not in the meaning of writing a further post;), I've moved from London or better said I left London (with a bit broken heart due to all the amazing people and friends I made there!) and went back home, where I'll be over christmas but also move to Prague;)

So big changes are coming (hopefully also some good;)) annd as we've the middle or almost the end of november - christmas isn't far away, just a tiny bit left to think about festive decorations, recipes and gifts for your beloved!

Last day (the day of my arrival) I've though about next month and generally I've been thinking a lot the last weeks about the most wonderful time of the year for decorations, food and meetup with all your best friends, family etc.

Therefore I though to show you some christmas items and things, which everytime reminds me on this season:

The festive winter/christmas season was and will stay always as a special time of the year for myself, with a lots of memories from childhood and adulthood - I'm thinking we all should stay a bit kids during this time, especially as we've such a busy and fast moving life today - it would keep us more relaxed and in peace during this time!

Wish you all a great start into December!


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