Sunday, 6 December 2015

BÄRBEL DREXEL - Astaxanthin Intensiv Serum*

Hi guys,

the week went quickly by, I've been already in Prague since 6 or 7 days (don't ask my why, but the days went so fast, that I'm not really sure what I've done or arrived here;)) well it's exciting to be here, not just for a new beginning, a new chapter in my life but also to be nearer my family, doing more blogging again and to be on christmas home;) 

Well Bärbel Drexel has created a new line for older skintypes but I've been interested to try the Astaxanthin Intesiv Serum, which was sent to me for testing, by my own:

I know, that I don't really need in my age (22) a lot of anti-aging products as my skin is still young but for my dark eye circles, eye area it's good to try something more intensive out, which could reduce to get sooner eye wrinkles.


Well of course, it's not just a natural origin ingredients list but it's not too bad and also good for sensitive skin types. It has a light scent and peachy shade, which creates no discolorations and feels really soft on your skin.

There are plenty other products from the Astaxanthin Collection, which are for people from 30+

Astaxanthin Intensiv Serum* - 32.50 € 

If you're also 20+ - are you using also some kind of extra eye care already? If yes, which one;)?


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