Wednesday, 23 December 2015


Hi guys,

last week I've made some yummy Lebkuchen (known as gingerbread - but it's different to the british or american one it's the typical austrian/german style gingerbread) and I've used some of Ann Clark's christmas cookie cutter (Gingerbread House, Holly Leaf, Simple Tree, Bethlehem Star)* to create this wonderful sweet christmas treats:

The gingerbread dough I've used is the one I always use each year on christmas - made with honey, gingerbread spices, rye flour, white flour etc. and it's not too sticky at all even if it looks like that!;)

The Ann Clark's cookie cutter are great for every season as they have for each time of the year the perfect cookie cutter selection - my fav' is the Simple Christmas Tree, which looks absolutely vintage and also the gingerbread house.

Let's see what I'll bake the next time!;)


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